What’s the difference between an Account and a Subscription?

    Everybody who registers with China Money Network’s platform gets an account. A Basic Account is free, and it allows you to login with your username and password to view important data, articles, and stories on our platform.

    A Digital Subscription, on the other hand, is a paid upgrade for an account. A subscription gives you access to members-only data, important articles, exclusive reports, and critical business news updates. You buy a Digital Subscription for a certain period of time, and when the Digital Subscription expires, it is renewed. If you choose to not renew your subscription, then you downgrade to a normal Basic Account again.

    Plus, our daily DealShot is only available to Digital Subscribers. DealShot gives you a list each day of the investment rounds boosting valuations across Greater China. And Digital Subscribers benefit from great discounts to all our events, webinars, and conferences.

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