GCL-SI Signs Deal to Ship Further 1,000 E-KwBe Energy Storage Units to OSW in Australia

    SUZHOU, China, Oct. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- GCL System Integration Technology Co. Ltd (GCL-SI), (SHE: 002506), a subsidiary of the world's leading energy group, GCL, has announced the signing of a deal with its Australian wholesale partner, One Stop Warehouse (OSW), to distribute another 1,000 of its energy storage units known as E-KwBe. The products are set to be shipped in October.

    Designed and manufactured by GCL-SI, E-KwBe is an intelligent energy storage system that allows customers to optimize the use of their solar energy systems in their homes to cut electricity bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

    The lithium cell of E-KwBe is charged by a home photovoltaic (PV)/solar panel system during the day to store excess electricity and supply power to a home load as needed later, maximizing consumers' self-sufficiency by solar power. Those equipped with the E-KwBe in their homes no longer need to draw electrical power from their utility grid during peak consumption hours, which saves consumers a significant amount of money. In addition, the system can also assure power supply during electrical outages.

    Mr Shu Hua, president of GCL-SI said, "The E-KwBe brings the everyday consumer one step closer to independence from fossil fuels by maximizing the use of free energy from the sun. This intelligent product is highly accessible to those with solar panels because it is compatible with most, if not all, mainstream inverters on the market."

    He further added: "GCL-SI aspires to incorporate green energy into daily life by creating intelligent products that help nascent solar technology become more efficient."

    This is the second deal that GCL-SI has signed with OSW for the E-KwBe product. In the first, GCL-SI agreed to ship a total of 1,000 E-KwBes to OSW, the first batch of which arrived in Australia in September and has already been successfully installed in Brisbane to glowing reviews.

    About GCL System Integration Technology Co., Ltd.

    GCL System Integration Technology Co., Ltd. (002506 Shenzhen Stock) (GCL-SI), is part of the GOLDEN CONCORD Group (GCL), an international energy company specializing in clean and sustainable power production, founded in 1990. With global assets worth nearly USD16 billion, GCL achieved module shipment output of over 2GW in 2015, and supplies 35% of the total wafer capacity yield worldwide, representing a 30% silicon market share.

    About One Stop Warehouse

    One Stop Warehouse is a wholesale distributor of Solar PV panels, solar inverters, components and solar systems in Australia. It develops its own e-commerce, operation and mobile platform. It is also the sole wholesale partner of GCL-SI for its PV and energy storage products.

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