Platinum Analytics, building China’s Thomson Reuters

    SHANGHAI, June 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The FX market has more than a decade of globalization, and has become, especially in recent days, the world's biggest financial trade market. According to reports by the BIS, in 2016, RMB has become the world's liveliest emergent market currency. From 2013 to 2016, RMB trade volumes have grown significantly. Average daily volume across those three years went from 120 Billion US Dollars to 202 Billion US Dollars.

    The FX financial market includes both institutional trade as well as retail trade. Among them, there are participants such as the central banks and global banks. Domestically, China's major banks are also strategically participating in CNH (Offshore RMB) trade.

    The Fintech market is developing extremely fast in China. Using securities and funds as an example, China's securities and funds market have reached volumes of 6 and 8 trillion RMB, respectively. As an example, Hunson is a firm with valuation exceeding 28 Billion RMB and 2.2 Billion RMB in annual revenue. Thomson Reuters China, from just selling trading solutions alone, can generate 1 Billion USD per annum in revenue.

    Platinum Analytics is a firm which provides just such solutions in service of FX financial institutions, providing platforms, terminals, and solutions. Platinum Analytics has several flagship products under its brand, such as Platinum Pages, a data terminal, PATS (Platinum Analytics Trading System), a smart trading platform, and an ECN (Electronic Communications Network, which provides smart order routing among various banks, exchanges, brokers, and corporates) specializing in CNH volumes.

    Platinum Page is a next-generation, algorithm focused data terminal with a robust data exchange platform as a foundation. It provides such functionalities such as smart order routing, market prediction and market indicator calculation. Compared to century old brands like Reuters Terminals, the Platinum Page is able to pull up a smaller subset of FX financial data, and give traders more flexibility in what they want to see.

    The PATS trading platform provides traders with tools for analysis, algorithmic trading and order routing. Platinum Analytics, in building this platform, registered and utilized many key patents, such as the PAX trade protocol, the PDEE Data exchange engine, and smart order routing algorithms.

    Platinum Page and PATS are both tools for traders, but the ECN is a liquidity platform and a future market for CNH. It is here that Platinum Analytics really has space to grow.

    Kelvin Zheng, prior to founding Platinum Analytics, has had 16 years of experience in the financial market. He believes that the fast growing CNH market will create demand and opportunities for a platform which can facilitate the exchange of trade and data. Platinum Analytics hopes to compete with the likes of FXALL, 360T, and EBS through a Chinese angle of attack, hoping to create a strong influence in the CNH market.

    According to Kelvin Zheng, as of now, Platinum Page and PATS have finished development and have entered the market. It is currently being used by signed clients such as Tencent's Webank, GTJA Securities, Xinhua, and one of the top 5 State-owned Banks. Platinum's ECN is slated to go production in the second half of 2017.

    Currently, Platinum Analytics has offices in Singapore and Hong Kong, in preparation of their push into the international market.

    In December of 2016, Platinum Analytics received a seed round investment from PGA Venture Partners.

    PGA Venture Partners is a venture capital firm managed by LUN Partners Group. It primarily invests in seed to growth stage companies in the Financial Technology (FinTech), Educational Technology (EdTech) and Entertainment & Digital Media Technology (EnTech) sectors.

    Besides providing financial resources, PGA Venture Partners also actively supports Platinum Analytics in expanding its businesses in the global market and facilitates cooperation between Platinum Analytics and other portfolio companies.

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