NEUROFLOW Raises $7.5 Million In New Funding

Medical technology concept. Electronic medical record.

NeuroFlow, a U.S. mental health monitoring platform, has raised US$7.5 million in new round of funding. The round was led by VC firm Builders, a San Francisco venture capital firm focused on modernizing traditional industries.

Neuroflow previously completed US$1.3 million in seed rounds and US$1.5 million in Angel Rounds.

NEUROFLOW was founded in Philadelphia in 2017 as a healthcare technology and data analysis company. It has developed a digital healthcare platform that complies with HIPAA standards (the US Health Insurance Facilitation and Accountability Act) and aims to help healthcare providers integrate a patient’s daily behavioral health into their overall care, and to achieve the remote management and monitoring of patients.

In addition to the traditional office visits, NeuroFlow gives patients and doctors more access to online clinics, and the introduction of data allows doctors to be more objective and accurate in their diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems.

Neuroflow uses headphones and biometric sensors to analyze biometric data, such as EEG and HRV, using specialized algorithms. Let the clinician read the patient’s body data via a wearable device, and then assign the patient to tasks such as meditation and journal-keeping. The software also automatically sends out e-mails to motivate patients.

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