Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia (Indonesian Blockchain Association) Appreciates the NFT Launch of the Wali Songo Historical Painting

    JAKARTA, Indonesia, Oct. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Blockchain technology industry is developing quite rapidly, one of which is NFT (Non-Fungible Token) that is currently attracting the world's attention. NFT can be interpreted as a type of blockchain technology which refers to a token created by one of the developers on the Ethereum platform. Simply put, NFT can also be defined as a token that is proof of legal ownership of a digital asset, specifically digital artwork such as audio, video, visual art, and graphics. NFT has unique, original, and rare characteristics so that currently NFT is one of the new types of crypto assets that is becoming mainstream and a trend in the global industry and is now starting to be loved in Indonesia.

    NFT first appeared in 2014, but the trend of NFT began to increase in popularity quite rapidly since Mike Winkelmann (Beeple), a digital artist, sold his digital artwork in the form of a photo collage "Everyday: The First 5000 Days" with a value of US$ 69.3 million, more or less equivalent to Rp. 1 Trillion. Quoted from Media Indonesia, one of the Supervisory Boards of the Indonesian Blockchain Association, Pandu Sastrowardoyo explained that the uniqueness of a work of art lies in the essence of rarity or the scarcity of works sold by a digital artist, so this attracts the attention of art collectors willing to spend money whose value is fantastic enough to collect a work of art through a well-known auction house, so that NFT is the answer to how digital art can have the essence of rarity.

    The popularity of NFT which is on the rise is now also spreading to Indonesia, one of the Indonesian digital artists named BENTARA (Begawan Network Nusantara) launched the NFT of the historic painting -- Wali Songo, each of whom was riding a horse with the background of the Great Mosque of Demak with the nuances of Fajr riding a horse after getting permission from the owner. The painting is thought to have been made by Raden Sayyid in 1871. BENTARA has NFT of the 150-year-old painting with the aim of selling the NFT for the endowment of da'wah and activities for memorizing the Qur'an (Hafiz/ Hafizah) in Indonesia and abroad.

    Asih Karnengsih, MM as Chairwoman of the Indonesian Blockchain Association also appreciated, "BENTARA's brilliant idea to NFT Wali Songo's historic painting, besides this idea having a noble goal to fund the activities of memorizing the Qur'an, but this is a breath of fresh air to motivate digital artists in Indonesia and local Indonesian artists to rise from adversity during the pandemic." Asih said that "NFT can be a great solution or opportunity for local artists in Indonesia to work and can help the economy for these local artists."

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