Innodisk DDR5 Raises the Bar for Workstations

    TAIPEI, March 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Innodisk has announced the debut of their new industrial-grade DDR5 memory in workstations, which are powerful computers intended for specialized technical and scientific use cases. Bringing this new technology to market now gives early adopters the chance to demonstrate the real-world speed, and performance gains that were promised during the hype surrounding the announcement of DDR5 in 2021. Now, as Innodisk begins mass production, the new technologies that DDR5 introduced, such as double bank groups, same bank refresh, on-die ECC, and dual subchannels are being utilized in workstations that push the limits of speed, capacity, and reliability in professional environments.

    Innodisk currently offers the most comprehensive range of industrial-grade DDR5 solutions on the market.
    Innodisk currently offers the most comprehensive range of industrial-grade DDR5 solutions on the market.

    Innodisk is already leading the industry in the implementation of DDR5 memory in workstation computers. One of their clients, who has already put DDR5 to the test in a meaningful way, is a global company that designs and manufactures workstations for engineering, product design, architecture, data science, and VFX. They decided to use Innodisk's 4800MT/s 32GB DDR5 UDIMM for their workstation computers. These workstations provide the ideal match for early DDR5 adoption as they offer server-grade performance, with high-end processors, and lots of memory, in a standard PC form factor for CPU and RAM-intensive applications like graphics, 3D design, and video editing.

    The client, whose end customers cover multiple industries including science and medical, film, mission critical applications, as well as manufacturing and design, was able to benefit from DDR5's increased bandwidth, better power efficiency, and higher memory efficiency, while also future proofing the workstations they built with the latest and greatest standard in DRAM technology. The aforementioned improvements over DDR4 will allow customers to work faster, and more efficiently, while not having to worry about data loss, due to the extra layer of protection through IC level checking that DDR5's on-die ECC provides.

    Innodisk currently offers the most comprehensive range of industrial-grade DDR5 solutions on the market, including UDIMM, SODIMM, RDIMM, UDIMM ECC, and SODIMM ECC. These memory modules also include Innodisk's other industry-focused features, such as a 30µ" gold finger and anti-sulfuration technology that adds a protective layer to safeguard silver alloys found on DRAM modules. Additionally, Wide Temperature UDIMM and SODIMM DDR5 are now available for sampling.

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