The 33rd Golden Melody Awards Draws to a Close

    Tanya Chua Wins Best Female Singer Award

    Hakka Singer Ayugo Huang Receives 4 Awards

    TAIPEI, July 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The 33rd Golden Melody Awards Ceremony executed by Taiwan Television Enterprise successfully concluded in Kaohsiung. Livestreams of the ceremony reached 3.164 million viewers on TV and nearly 7.5 million viewers on new media platforms, both setting new record highs! This year, Cui Jian and Tanya Chua won the Best Male Singer (Mandarin) and Best Female Singer (Mandarin), respectively. Tanya Chua, with her album DEPART, set a new personal record by winning the Best Vocal Album Recording, Best Mandarin Album, and Album of the Year. Ayugo Huang, with his album Mountain Of Doom, received the Best Singer (Hakka), Jury Award, and Best Hakka Album. In addition, his "New Formosa Band" won the Best Vocal Group award for their album Jian Jian Hua. The 33rd GMA, once again, successfully highlighted the best of Mandarin music, and the head juror summed up the significance of this year's GMA as diversity and inclusion.

    The 33rd GMA Best Mandarin Female Singer Tanya Chua with Her Mother / Photo: TTV
    The 33rd GMA Best Mandarin Female Singer Tanya Chua with Her Mother / Photo: TTV

    Tanya Chua, a four-time Best Female Singer (Mandarin) recipient, has set a new record at GMA. This year, her album DEPART won four different awards at the GMA. The jury praised DEPART for "conveying a warm, therapeutic message and exhibiting high-quality music production." With 25 years of experience, Tanya said in her acceptance speech, "I've been doing this for so long that I was beginning to fear that my voice would be forgotten or regarded as irrelevant. I hope I continue to hold the same passion for music and curiosity about the world. I hope that my music will always be your friend and your mirror."

    The 33rd GMA Best Hakka Singer Ayugo Huang / Photo: TTV
    The 33rd GMA Best Hakka Singer Ayugo Huang / Photo: TTV

    Ayugo Huang, a Hakka singer, who received four awards for Mountain Of Doom this year, is definitely one of the biggest winners of the night. The head juror shared that "Mountain Of Doom is immensely profound as it looks to the past and into the future, transcending the boundaries of language and ethnicity." When asked about the awards, Ayugo Huang expressed that "I think it means I've been doing okay up till now. I'm proud to have secured the awards for myself and for my fellow Hakkas. The album may seem a bit heavy, but my message was one of gratitude."

    The 33rd Golden Melody Awards Ceremony ended with applause and a total audience of 3,164,000. Also, as of July 4, the 33rd GMA Ceremony had a total of 4,417,879 views on YouTube and was broadcast live on three platforms, including LINE TODAY, LINE MUSIC, and LINE TV to more than 3 million viewers. The total number of hits on new media platforms reached nearly 7.5 million, setting an all-time high! In 2022, 173 works competed for 27 awards. The head juror emphasized "diversity and inclusion" as the core value of the 33rd GMA, and GMA will continue to encourage all Mandarin musicians with an open-minded attitude.

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