Congratulations! Kexing Biopharm (688136.SH) was awarded by the" Annual Top 20 Chinese Biopharmaceutical Entreprises"

    SHENZHEN, China, July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On 12 July 2022, Menet held the award ceremony of the "Annual Top 100 China's Pharmaceutical Entreprises in 2021", in which 5 sub-lists of the pharmaceutical industries had been announced. This event showcased the professionalism and influence of the top companies in China's pharmaceutical industry. With the solid R&D and production strength and the strong marketing and promotion access of Kexing Biopharm, it has been selected for the list of "Top 20 Chinese Biopharmaceutical Companies in 2021 (Blood Products, Vaccines, Insulin Approaches)".

    The nominated list of the Annual Top 100 China's Pharmaceutical Entreprises in 2021 was defined through intense selection. Menet has organized an expert committee for this event, through the exclusive database with the 3 Terminals (public hospitals, retail pharmacies, primary care) and 6 Markets (including markets of hospitals, pharmacies and healthcare centres in different levels and sizes) in the Chinese (bio)pharmaceutical industry, the final list was made according to an enterprise's innovative driving force in the biopharmaceutical industry and professional promotion force in the public market.

    About Kexing Biopharm

    Kexing Biopharm Co.,Ltd. (short in Kexing Biopharm, stock symbol 688136. SH) is an international innovative biopharmaceutical enterprise mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of recombinant protein therapeutics and microecological agents. The entreprise focuses on the therapeutic fields of antiviral, oncology, immunology, haematology, digestion and degenerative diseases, as well as other technical directions such as new proteins, new antibodies, and nucleic acid drugs. Committed to serving global patients with biotechnology, Kexing Biopharm became a leader of high-quality biopharmaceutical producers through adopting the "innovation + overseas commercialization" platform development model.

    Kexing Biopharm's main products include the recombinant protein therapeutics " Human Erythropoietin (EPOSINO)", " Human Interferon α1b (SINOGEN)" and " Human Granulocyte Colony-stimulating Factor (WHITE-C)", as well as the microecological agent "Combined Clostridium Butyricum and Bifidobacterium (CLOBICO)".The company's core products are firmly at the forefront of similar varieties in China, covering over 19,000 terminals in various provinces and cities across the country, nearly 7,000 ranked hospitals. In addition, Kexing Biopharm has gained market access permission and achieved sales in nearly 40 countries around the world, including Brazil, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

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