Blow Your Mind with Creativity! One Show Creative Festival in Shanghai

    SHANGHAI, Nov. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Now, 2016 One Show Awards and Festival is coming to Shanghai with a group of top international creatives and tons of great contents, promoting creative excellence inadvertising, design, interactive and digital innovation. Topnotch Internationaljuries, creative leaders' presentations and panels, creative workshop for young talents, and the most important awards gala of the Greater China creative advertising industry, party with international creatives, everything here is going to blow your mind with creativity.

    2016 One Show Awards and Festival
    2016 One Show Awards and Festival



    November 4-5, 2016


    The creative industry is changing all the time. How to attract audiences with great storytelling, how to create better experiences to engage brands and consumers, how to approach young audiences with new way of using WeChat and QQ, how to make design more elegant in a digital mobile age, how to make amazing videoVFX, how to transform new business with the product innovation…All the topics above will be discussed at our festival.

    November 4  

    09:50-10:00 |  Sky Theater

    One Show Greater China Festival Welcome Speech

    Yash Egami
    One Club / Vice President / Content and Marketing/ New York

    10:00-10:40 |  Sky Theater

    Anna Qvennerstedt
    Forsman & Bodenfors /Senior Partner and Chairman/Stockholm

    Anna Qvennerstedt is a Copywriter, Senior Partner and Chairman of the Board at Forsman & Bodenfors in Sweden. In the past ten years, Forsman & Bodenfors has been named one of the best advertising companies in the world. Anna joined Forsman & Bodenfors from 2004, and was appointed chairman in 2012. In 2007, Anna was awarded the Platinum Egg as the youngest person ever given this prize honoring individuals who have had an exceptional impact on the advertising industry in Sweden. This makes her the second woman through history to be elected onto the The Platinum Academy (the Hall of Fame for people in advertising). She's well known by Chinese people from the 'the Epic Split 'case for Volvo Trucks. She's going to come to China for the first time and share with us her idea of innovation.

    10:50-11:30 | Sky Theater

    How Creativity Makes Tech Alive

    Alex Phung
    BlueFocus Digital/SVP&CCO/Beijing

    Alex is from Malaysia. He has a back ground of Communication Design, but found his interest and talent in Digital Multimedia. With 12 years of experience in digital marketing, he also has a profound understanding of the application of marketing technology. His is going to share with us How Creativity Makes Tech Alive. China never lacks technology, but we still need to put more thoughts into how people could use technology to make our lives better. How do we use technology to serve the brand marketing? What is the new challenges that the creative facing?

    11:40-12:20 |  Sky Theater

    How Technology Is Rewiring Our Brains

    Paul Collins
    DigitasLBi/Executive Creative Director/Nordics

    Paul Collins is the Nordic Executive Creative Director of DigitasLBi. In this keynote speech he will share his thoughts on how technology is rewiring our brains, leaving us with a fragmented attention span. Given this fact, and that advertising is a disruptor, how do we create work that makes an indent in the consumer's mind.

    12:30-13:10 |  Sky Theater

    Tim Doherty
    Isobar China/Chief Creative Director/Shanghai

    Tim Doherty joined Isobar China as Creative Director since 2008. He's been leading the Shanghai creative team to challenge the creative limits in the digital marketing industry. He has served brands including Coca-Cola, Sprite, HUAWEI, Budweiser etc. Tim worked in FCB Shanghai and New York. He is responsible for Motorola's global customers in New York. In Shanghai, he is mainly responsible for the creative business of Shanghai general motors.

    14:10-14:50 | Sky Theater

    The Digital Zoo

    Steven Marolho
    MPC Shanghai/General Manager

    As an executive producer and manager of visual effects studios, Steven has been at the forefront of bringing world-class creative VFX and design to China's burgeoning advertising industry. Steven came to Shanghai in 2012 with MPC/Technicolor, with the mission to build the Asia arm of the international visual effects leader and the first studio capable of truly bridging the east and west in terms of craft and expertise. Under his management, MPC Shanghai has established itself as China's go-to creator of high-end effects, design and new media production. He is going to show insights into the art of Animal and Creature creation with VFX.

    15:00-15:40 |  Sky Theater

    It All Starts with a Pencil

    Nils Andersson
    TBWA/ Asia Creative President & Greater China


    2014 saw Nils awarded Greater China's Creative of the Year accolade, by Campaign Magazine. He also ranked 4th most awarded Creative Director in the world, and his Penguin 'Mic' campaign was the most awarded print in the world, according to the UK based Won Directory. Now, in 2015 Nils rejoins a resurgent TBWA as Asia Creative President and Greater China President His talk is about how the simplest start point and the right thinking processes can lead to great execution.

    15:50-16:30 | Sky Theater

    William Bao Bean
    Chinaccelerator/Managing Director/Shanghai

    Bin William is the Vc firm SOSV Accelerator VC - The partner, the company for the $235 million venture accelerator. He also served as director general of China's first venture accelerator, "China accelerated" Chinaccelerator. Prior to joining SOSV, he was a managing director of Innov8 SingTel, a Singapore Telecom's new power investment company, to help deal with investment activities in China. He will share with us the rise of start-up in the field of advertising people with the emerging technologies and ready to enter the business circle of the advertising skills of the long board and short board.

    16:40-17:20 | Sky Theater

    Andy Azula
    Martin Agency/SVP&ECD/Richmond

    Andy Azula is senior vice president and Executive Creative Director at The Martin Agency in Richmond Virginia. Andy began his career in advertising as an art director in Georgia and North Carolina. His work for North Carolina Travel and Tourism, Verbatim garnered many awards as well as the attention of Fallon in Minneapolis. Andy's work has been recognized by Cannes, Communication Arts, The One Show and the CLIOs, well as several other award shows. Andy has sat on the board of The One Club, and is still actively involved in the organization.

    November 5

    09:30-10:20 |  Sky Theater

    Workshop Briefing And Mentor Assignment

    10:30-11:30 | Sky Theater

    Youngsters win it all

    Dan Li
    Tencent SNG Marketing General Manager/Shenzhen

    Dan Li joined Tencent in 2015, Prior to joining Tencent, Dan has played a key role in the development of some leading brands including Tide, Head & Shoulders, and Safeguard. Dan is charged with driving forward some of the most cutting-edge initiatives and successfully creates a number of well known marketing cases. Although many brands are trying to reach out to Millennials, some of them are still stagnated to traditional "outbound marketing" strategy. In order to connect with the young generation, QQ successfully speaks to the young audience with the"entertainment-culture cross-branding" tactic, furthermore we start to establish a system for youngsters to open their imagination and practically bring their ideas into QQ's product. In here, we would like to share how we make this work.

    Aurora Liu
    Tencent SNG Product Director for QQ/Shenzhen

    Aurora Liu has joint Tencent since 2010, participating in social network products, which based on billions of users. She witness QQ's shifting from PC to mobile devices, especially on young generation. Marketing environment are surrounding with young generations. Have a better understanding of their culture can make brand making process easier. QQ as the top one numbers of user's App/software, half of them are born after 90`s, what kind of chat tool can track their participation and become part of their life?

    11:40-12:20 | Sky Theater

    Bring Local Insight On A Global Stage

    Yash Egami
    One Club / Vice President / Content and Marketing/ New York

    Yash Egami is the Vice President of Content and Marketing for The One Club. He is also the editor of one. a magazine and One Show Annuals. With his rich experience of operating the One Show, he is going to tell us how to packaging Chinese works to an international award winning standard.

    12:30-13:10 | Sky Theater

    Voice of Young Ones

    Mo Said
    Senior Copy Writer/Droga5/New York

    The One Show has always value the opinion of the youth. For this session we have Mo said.At the age of 7, Mo was sent to detention for never doing his homework. At 20, he was arrested by the Pakistani Army for shooting a controversial documentary. And at 26 he was wanted by the NYPD for an illegal art installation with a political agenda. When he's not breaking the law, Mo works a Senior Copywriter at Droga5 and his work has been recognized by Cannes Lions, The One Show, Addys, The US Congress and The United Nations.

    In 2014, The One Show named Mo as one of the best creatives under 30. He is going to share How chasing his dream to work in New York advertising brought him face-to-face with an identity crisis and his journey to bring back the man under the cloak.

    14:10-14:50 | Sky Theater

    Role changing: From Agency To In-House Creative Team

    Huang Yandong Director/Shanghai

    Don Huang has fifteen years of experience in advertising. He had worked in 10 different 4A agencies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. Now, he joined as brand and public communication director.

    Cheng Feng
    Didi Chuxing/Senior Creative Director/Shanghai

    Cheng Feng is Didi Chuxing's senior design director.He had worked in Sohu, Baidu, OgilvyOne, Cheil, CIG and other digital agencies. He had been awarded for many awards and has a deep understanding about creativity and design.

    Ma Chao
    The One Club Greater China Office/Chief Representative

    Since Apple began to set up their own in house creative department, a lot of internet and tech companies have been hiring in house creative team to serve their own marketing strategic requirements. Many senior creatives are joining them for the exciting new role to lead in house creative team. This is different from what it was in the past, ad person became a client. They need to manage the brand strategy and direction as a client, they also need to work out creative ideas and campaigns as an agency. They need to work on their own, they also need ideas from the outside, the agencies. What's the feeling to have this double role? What's the difference of running in house creative team and working as an agency? Is this model working well? Let's hear what they say, the senior creatives from agencies and now as creative team leaders in tech companies.

    15:00-15:40 | Sky Theater

    Typography In Digital Age

    Peter Wang
    DynaComware/Sales General Manager/Beijing

    Peter comes from Taiwan and was assigned to Beijing as sales general manager for DynaComware. He's in charge of the bussiness development in Mainland China. These three years Dycomware sees a rapid growth and became the leading font design company.

    Sheena Jeng
    Publicis China/Chairman & CCO/Shanghai

    Sheena is the backbone of China's advertising industry, she served as vice chairman of China 4A committee. Her works have been recognized in The One Show, Cannes, D&AD and other creative award shows.

    Eric Chang
    OgilvyOne Asia Pacific /Regional Vice President, Business


    For the past 25 years, Eric Chang has specialized in marketing, direct marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and digital marketing. An expert in the theory and application of integrated marketing and digital marketing, he is one of the few people in Taiwan experienced at practically executing CRM from marketing and digital perspectives. He has advised clients in a wide array of industries such as finance, communications, high-tech, telecom, automotive, and fast-moving consumer goods.

    15:50-16:30 | Sky Theater

    Jason McCann
    RED PEAK/Executive Creative Director/New York

    Jason McCann served as Group Creative Director of AKQA New York, Executive Creative Director of AKQA, London. He is active in the field of global creative education. In 2016, Jason is back in New York, and joined RED PEAK as Executive Creative Director. RED PEAK is a product innovation driven business transformation design and consulting firm.

    16:40-17:20 | Sky Theater

    The Power of Thinking Small

    Ben Tollett

    Adam & Eve DDB/Executive Creative Director/London

    Ben Tollett is Executive Creative Director of adam&eveDDB. A creative partner at adam&eve since it was a start-up, he helped grow the agency almost from scratch and saw it through a successful merger with DDB in 2012.The agency is consistently

    the most awarded in the UK. Ben currently helms the multi-awarded Harvey Nichols account, but he is probably best known for helping establish the John Lewis brand with ads such as 'Always a Woman' and 'The Long Wait'.These commercials moved large numbers of the British public to tears and apparently prompted lots of clients to ask their own agencies if they could "do them a John Lewis". He's speech is about power of thinking small. When it comes to innovation,sometimes it's better not to try and make the big leap, come up with the big idea, or strive to be thebig shot. Sometimes it's better to think small. The advantages of small-minded thinking, by an adman from a small island.


    November 5, 2016





    Come see this unique stage featuring the most stimulating creative works that will make people

    proud, inspire them and make them think. This stage is for people who breed innovation, who may be young and bold and full of hope; the super stars of this stage are the creatives who made these masterpieces of ingenuity and talent. Let's cheer for great work and great minds tonight!


    Celebrations are not limited to the stage. We invite you to carry the banner of creativity and party on, enjoy unlimited drinks with your unlimited passion. One Show Festival for Greater China is the first creative festival in China to hold an After Party because the passion and happiness that each Creative Warrior puts into the industry should be rewarded and celebrated.

    Famous English Talkshow Actor Tony Chou will be here and share the night with us, he's going to present his unique stand up comedy and bing humour to everyone.


    Tony Chou is an established stand-up comedian from Mainland China. He performed in both English and Mandarin Chinese to different audiences. As an English-speaking comedian, Tony has performed not only in Mainland China but also in America, Ireland, Thailand and Hongkong. Tony is also the co-founder and host of Humor Section,the best Chinese-speaking standup comedy club since 2014. As a comedian, Tony Chou has been featured in New York Times, Economist, BBC (Radio), The Atlantic, Bloomberg, AP, Sinovision, CCTV-News, China Radio International, Global Times, NBT-World (Thailand). Tony also has rich experience in media as he worked as a CCTV journalist for 7 years.

    One Show Creative Night: GlobalAward-winning Creative Works Screening

    One Show Portfolio Reviews

    November 4, 2016


    Twelve years ago, the Creative Night Screening in Beijing Worker's stadium became a millstone in Chinese advertising industry. Now, the Creative Night Screening returns and will be part of the One Show not only to offer wonderful work to all ads-lovers, but also to transmit creative spirit and humor to hundreds of people.


    November 4, 2016


    ONE SHOW Portfolio Review is a creative education and career guidance program which to promote outstanding young students who can get more opportunities to enter their favorite creative industries; and also for creative agencies, well-known Internet companies, to directly absorbed outstanding young creative people from China. There will be more than 30 international 4A-advertising companies, local advertising agencies and well-known Internet companies invited. Students will bring their own works to the interview and ask for advice; they can get the recruitment or employment guidance directly from the recruiters. At the same time, recruiting representatives can get more young creative talents through this platform.


    November 6-10, 2016

    Big ideas are the concept and contents for a brand, innovation is the new way of using technology and media. Innovation is like a gun, shooting the bullets into the heart of consumers, influence people, and give people impact. One Show China Creative Competition is the leading competition for young creative talents in China, it gives a stage for young talents to open their minds and have creative thinking, to combine creativity and innovation and create works for brands across disciplines of advertising, product, contents, social innovation and business innovation. Those works with true insights from the young generation will blow your minds!

    What is going on?

    10:00AM-5:30PM, November 4-5, 2016

    One Show Creative Conference

    7:00PM-9:30PM, November 4, 2016

    One Show Creative Night: Global Award-winning Creative Works Screening

    One Show Portfolio Reviews

    6:00PM-7:30PM, November 5, 2016

    One Show Awards Ceremony Reception Buffet and Networking

    7:30PM-10:00PM, November 5, 2016

    One Show Greater China Awards Ceremony

    10:00PM-2:00AM, November 5, 2016

    One Show Greater China Awards Ceremony Official After Party

    9:30AM-6:00PM, November 6-9, 2016

    One Show China Youth Creative Workshop

    (ForFinalists of One Show China Youth Creative Competition only)

    9:30AM-4:00PM, November 10, 2016

    One Show China Youth Creative Workshop Final Pitch Competition

    7:00PM-9:30PM, November 10, 2016

    One Show China Youth Creative AwardsCeremony

    How to attend?

    For Chinese: 
    For English:

    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Celia Wen, China Coordinator of the One Club, Mobile: +86 13146664183, Email: [email protected]
    Season Zhou, China Coordinator of the One Club, Mobile: +86 18801766306Email: [email protected]

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