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China Money Network is a bilingual service powered by AI, focusing on China’s smart investments, unique situations, and innovations in technology each day.

We keep tabs on private equity, venture capital, and tech sectors in China to offer useful insights for our users. We connect the dots, providing international investors the tools they need to make deals in China, deals that might not happen otherwise.

We offer a unique way to reach deal-makers, top decision-makers, and business leaders, both in China and globally. With our team of experts, we’re ready to reveal promising cross-border deal flows, serving not just our clients in China but also those wanting to enter this profitable market.

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Since 2011, global funds, equity houses, and research firms have relied on China Money Network's primary data coverage.


We provide last-mile news coverage of key alternative investment movements in China that you rely on for critical decisions.

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We can decipher the true from the dubious when investment news hits the airwaves, and we translate those discrepancies for you.


Companies like S&P Global, Morgan Stanley, and many others rely on our technology and services to enhance decision making.

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