Tsinghua-Incubated AI Startup Secures Angel + Round

RealAI announced the completion of an angel + round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, led by Green Pine Capital Partners and co-invested by Tendence VC. The financing will mainly be used for team expansion, R&D infrastructure construction, and market promotion. Earlier, RealAI had received a round of investment from Baidu Venture Capital, CAAS Star and Tsinghua Capital. The total amount of the two rounds of financing is about RMB100 million.

RealAI was established in July 2018 and was incubated by the Institute of Artificial Intelligence at Tsinghua University. It is a third-generation secure and controllable artificial intelligence technology and industry solution provider. Robust, Extendable, Assurable, and Landable are the source of RealAI’s English name and the company’s business goals.

The chief scientist of RealAI is co-chaired by Academician Zhang Jian, Dean of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Tsinghua University, and Professor Zhu Jun, Director of the Basic Theory Research Center of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Tsinghua University. The company’s CEO, Dr. Tian Tian, also graduated from the Computer Department of Tsinghua University.

According to the information provided by RealAI, Academician Zhang Jian is one of the pioneers in the field of artificial intelligence in China. He has long been engaged in the theory, technology and application research of artificial intelligence. He was the first to propose the development of the third generation of artificial intelligence.

Professor Zhu Jun is one of the youngest long-term full-time professors at Tsinghua University. He was an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in the United States. He is currently the director of the Basic Theory Research Center of the Tsinghua Institute of Artificial Intelligence. He is also the deputy editor of IEEE TPAMI, the first AI top-tier journal in mainland China, and the second IEEE AI 10 to Watch scholar in Asia.

The company’s CEO, Dr. Tian Tian, ​​also graduated from the Computer Department of Tsinghua University.

According to the State Council’s "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan", the overall scale of the AI landing industry will increase significantly in the next 5 to 10 years, and will cover more and more Core scenarios for multiple key industries. The second-generation AI technology, represented by deep neural networks, exposes limitations in terms of security and interpretability, and cannot meet the requirements of new applications that are gradually improved.

For example, every key decision in the fields of finance and industrial manufacturing involves huge economic value. Once AI is accidentally mishandled or even maliciously manipulated, it will cause huge losses, which makes customers in such high-value decision scenarios landing on AI solutions. Be more cautious.

In contrast, the third generation of security and controllable artificial intelligence puts AI security at the core. Tian Tian said that with the large-scale application of artificial intelligence, security topics such as black box effects, algorithm loopholes, and data privacy have become increasingly important topics in the development of artificial intelligence.

In addition, the Deepfake incident has intensified in recent years, and substantial security hazards such as technology abuse have occurred. In this context, RealAI hopes to use third-generation artificial intelligence to promote the implementation of AI technology in more scenarios, to ensure that artificial intelligence applications reach the level of security and reliability required by various industries, and provide services within a trusted and controllable range.

RealAI claims that Tsinghua University has significant advantages in the field of third-generation artificial intelligence. Academician Zhang Jian first proposed the core goals of third-generation artificial intelligence, such as reliability, credibility, and security. Professor Zhu Jun used Bayesian deep learning and AI to attack and defend. And other basic technologies provide a practical path for the third generation of artificial intelligence.

RealAI has already generated revenue, and its core customers include large financial institutions, industry leading industrial enterprises, and large central enterprises. They are cooperating with various leading companies in the industrial field to develop a universal AI underlying technology platform with high generalization capabilities. The goal is to improve the customer’s full-stack business AI capabilities, optimize industrial equipment asset operations, and optimize production efficiency and costs.

Tian Tian mentioned that although Google, Deepmind, OpenAI and other companies in the United States, Europe and Israel have been developing more secure and controllable artificial intelligence, there is currently no similar company in Asia that develops third-generation artificial intelligence.

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