China Tech Digest: Alibaba DAMO Academy Launches AI Remote Sensing Platform; Huawei Tries To Advance Beyond Shannon’s Limit

Alibaba DAMO Academy launches AI remote sensing platform

Alibaba DAMO Academy today launches an AI remote sensing platform – AI ​​Earth. Built on Alibaba Cloud, the platform integrates petabyte-level open sourced satellite remote sensing data, over 10 AI remote sensing algorithms, cloud-based high-performance computing and storage resources to help researchers make agricultural disaster analysis, climate change analysis, water quality analysis and other scientific research.

Huawei tries to advance beyond Shannon’s limit

Guo Ping, Huawei’s rotating chairman, delivered a keynote speech duringMWC Barcelona 2022, saying that Huawei would significantly increase its strategic investment in root technologies, including attempts to advance beyond Shannon’s limit and breakthroughs in chip technology.

According to Guo Ping, Huawei is working hard to achieve three reconstructions: basic theory, architecture and software. These three reconstructions will support the long-term sustainable development of the ICT industry.

Huawei Digital Power and Huitian Network co-build zero-carbon data center

Huawei Digital Power and Huitian Network signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. Based on the new power system and national "dual carbon" goal, the two companies will integrate advanced energy-saving innovative technologies for the data center, and jointly take the lead in building a global super-large zero-carbon data center.

Self-driving buses are tested in Chengdu

Recently, the first batch of road test licenses for intelligent connected vehicles in Chengdu was officially issued. According to the regulations, 12 ICVs will carry out driverless tests on designated public roads in Chengdu. Among them, 8 cars and 4 buses were developed based on Baidu’s autonomous driving platform Apollo. The entire test road has also been intelligentized, with more than 500 roadside equipment installed, including lidar, RSCU (roadside computing unit), RSU (roadside unit), high-definition cameras, etc.

Auto chip maker Thinktech raises over RMB100 million in series B round

Thinktech, a Chinese intelligent connected car chip manufacturer, has raised over RMB100 million in a new round of financing. Investors in this round include FG Venture, SAIC Capital, Volcanics Venture and others. Proceeds will accelerate the development and mass production of localized automotive MCU, and further enrich the company’s product line.

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