Reports Indicate NVIDIA Tailoring Specialized Chips for China’s Market

Multiple media outlets report that NVIDIA has developed a new series of modified chips for the Chinese market: the HGX H20, L20 PCle, and L2 PCle. Insiders claim these new chips are modified versions of the H100.

NVIDIA is expected to announce these as soon as next week, with domestic manufacturers receiving the products within these days. Several industry insiders have reportedly confirmed the existence of NVIDIA’s modified chips for China.

Elsewhere, Tencent is continuously exploring large model applications. Currently, over 180 internal business operations have been integrated with Tencent’s "Hunyuan" large model for internal testing. Since its public debut in September 2023, the model has been applied in various scenarios, including communication, production, and technology inclusiveness, according to remarks by Jiang Jie, Vice President of Tencent Group, at the 2023 World Internet Conference in Wuzhen.

Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME) has partnered with Broad Voice Culture (Singer Wang Leehom’s studio) to create the first official "all-AI" singer in the Chinese music industryβ€”AI Leehom. They have also released a cover of "Letting Go," with both the single’s cover and music video generated by AI.

The AI version of "Letting Go" received 18,163 comments on QQ Music, marking a moderate success. However, it signifies that mainstream music companies are beginning to embrace AI singers.

A visual intelligence inspection solution provider Feit Intelligence have secured over RMB100 Million in a series B financing. The round was co-invested by the Ministry of Science and Technology’s venture capital fund Zhongke Haichuang and Henan Yu Capital, among others. It is reported that Feit Intelligence has already initiated a new round of financing.

Feit Intelligence specializes in machine vision and artificial intelligence technology applications, focusing on intelligent quality management in the automotive and complex industrial scenarios. They collaborate with most major automakers, including Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BYD, Volkswagen, and Hongqi, and have accumulated numerous solution cases with mainstream Tier1 and Tier2 manufacturers like Schaeffler Germany.


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