Intelligent Power Grid Solutions Provider Raises Series A Round

Headquartered in Hefei, Anhui Province, announced that it has received RMB100 million yuan in a series A financing, led by Hefei Industrial Investment.

Jinke Junchuang, Chuangdongfang, Huafu Jiaye, Quantum Fund, Guoyuan Equity and other institutions jointly participated in the investment.

Founded in 2017, relies on the scientific research capabilities of the national engineering laboratory for brain-inspired intelligent technology and application of the University of Science and Technology of China, which is also based in Hefei city, and focuses on the direction of intelligent power grid.

Energy is a basic industry of the national economy. From the supply side, the installed capacity of clean energy has increased; from the consumption side, the trend of electric power substitution is obvious, and the terminal of electric power continues to increase, and electric power has become the main force in the energy industry.

As a hub platform for the conversion, utilization and transmission of electric energy, the power grid is facing urgent upgrade needs to become more intelligent.

As one of the core goals of the power grid, the safety, reliability, economy and efficiency of the power operation system are key. However, in the case of limited manpower, it is difficult to achieve an efficient and refined level of operation and inspection based on digitalization and ordinary inspection alone.

But, the power industry has relatively high barriers, and it is difficult for companies outside the industry to enter. At present, there is a lack of sufficient quantity and quality of data accumulation in the power industry to assist in intelligent model training. A large amount of industry expertise is required to design effective intelligent transformation products and solutions for the power industry.

The power use case environment is complex, with a large number of equipment and safety requirements, which poses a greater challenge to the implementation of artificial intelligence technology.

Aiming at the characteristics of electric power use case, has developed a variety of key technologies, such as small sample learning, electric power 3D scene simulation, learning-based segmentation algorithms, cross-media multi-modal fusion, etc., to build barriers to core technical achievements.

Take Anhui as an example. There are about 3,000 large-scale substations (35KV) in the whole province, and there are only more than 3,000 operation and maintenance personnel. Basically, there is one station per person. The operation and maintenance workload is very saturated.

In practical applications, the company’s solutions starts from the inspection link, and uses AI technology to automatically identify potential environmental risks and equipment defects in the power scene, reduce manual repetitive monitoring rates, and greatly improve inspection efficiency.

In the industrial chain, it positions itself as a "technical solution provider"-taking the "power grid" as the entry point, focusing on the development of core artificial intelligence technologies for application scenarios, and building a closed loop of capabilities ranging from device IoT perception, intelligent analysis to emergency management.

Currently, there are more than 100 people working in, of which technology research and development account for 60%, and there are research and development centers in Anhui and Beijing.

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