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FutureLogic: China Tech Decoupled
China's effort to build a domestic-centric I.T. infrastructure began in earnest after U.S. sanctions of ZTE Corporation and Huawei exposed the country's core vulnerabilities of foreign reliance. The Xin Chuang industry is a core part of this effort tasked to create a comprehensive, self-reliant Chinese domestic information technology industry from chips, operating systems, and applications.
MSCI China race for global tech
China has been widely forecast to overtake the United States to become the world's largest economy within little more than a decade – a cross-over that could now happen earlier given the differential economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on both countries. But there is less recognition of an arguably more critical transformation: of China having the potential to be the world's technology leader.
China Money Network has invited 10 industry leaders in China's AI sector to share their predictions for the next 10 years in a special report "Next 10 Years: China's Artificial Intelligence Future". They have the most recognizable names in AI, being founders and CEOs of China's leading AI unicorn companies.
China AI Top 50 - 2018: Ranking of Artificial Intelligence Companies

China AI Top 50

China Money Network, the leading source of intelligence and data on China's venture capital and technology sector, announces groundbreaking research on China's artificial intelligence industry in its unveiling of the new ranking: China AI Top 50.
China's Belt and Road Initiative turns five this year. With maturity, comes expectations, and, as with all global economic programmes, expectations beget more expectations. In other words, the BRI is now entering a new phase and Southeast Asia will be front-and-centre of China's signature globalisation programme.
Co-Working in China: Disrupting The Workplace
China is in the midst of transforming itself from "the world's factory" into a global innovation center. At the same time, co-working has become an important vehicle to help Beijing achieve its vision of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation"(双 创). This report "Co-Working in China: Disrupting The Workplace" released by China Money Network showcases the explosive growth and opportunities in China's co-working sector.
Special Report: Navigating China's Restructuring Market: Risks and Opportunities
The effort to deleverage China Inc. is underway, and overdue, as China’s credit-to-GDP ratio is clearly unsustainable. This means there are a wider array of opportunities available for global investors, who are viewing the Chinese debt restructuring market with increasing optimism. This report released by China Money Network raises awareness of the opportunities for navigating China's Restructuring Market.