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China Money Network Announces China AI Top 50 Ranking At Summer Davos In Tianjin

China Money Network today announced a groundbreaking research on China's artificial intelligence industry: China AI Top 50 ranking. China Money Network unveiled the much anticipated ranking today during a press conference held at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions at the World Economic Forum in Tianjin, China.

China AI Top 50

China AI Top 50 - 2018: Ranking of Artificial Intelligence Companies
China Money Network, the leading source of intelligence and data on China's venture capital and technology sector, announces groundbreaking research on China's artificial intelligence industry in its unveiling of the new ranking: China AI Top 50.

2017 In Review Ranking

As the year 2017 draws to a close, we look back at the Chinese private equity, venture capital and tech industry to give you some of the most revealing rankings for a memorable year.

China Government Fund Ranking

China Money Network’s China Government Fund Ranking includes the largest Chinese government guidance funds, which are in fact fund-of-funds, along with what we call government policy funds, a type of government-backed fund that conducts direct investments to support a particular policy initiative. They are ranked according to the size of their target fundraising total, rather than actual capital already committed. As most of the funds are still in the process of being established in phases, it is unclear what their ultimate size will be. At the same time, publicly available information on government funds is incomplete and often vague. The list should be read with these caveats in mind.

China Unicorn Ranking

The up-to-date ranking of the billion dollar startups in China! China Money Network’s China Unicorn Ranking is the most comprehensive and updated list of all private tech companies valued at US$1 billion or more in China. China, with its incredible rise of private capital and the nation’s determination to lead in technology innovation, boasts the largest unicorn herd in the world — even bigger and higher valued than the group in the U.S.

Here Are China’s Top 10 AI Companies Challenging US Tech Leadership

Think of China as the world's factory no more. The Middle Kingdom has been rising in technological sophistication at light speed in recent years, fueled by top-down policy encouragement and venture capital funding. Ten years from now the world's second biggest economy - though China...