DealShot: IDG Capital Leads $30M Series C Round In Chinese Fashion Brand Magmode

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Here you can find out where Chinese investors have been investing their money each workday.

CompanyRoundLead InvestorParticipantsSectorHeadquarters
MagmodeSeries CIDG CapitalCathy Capital Private EquityE-commerceBeijing
Koala ReadingSeries BGGV Capital, XVC Venture CapitalEducationBeijing
Zhending TechnologyAngel RoundBluesail MedicalIndustrial & ManufacturingHangzhou
Tcpjw.comSeries ATangzhu CapitalMedia & EntertainmentNanjing
RoadShowChinaSeries A+Hezi Capital, Motian StarEnterprise servicesShenzhen
HealSun BiopharSeries AundisclosedHealthcareHangzhou
17BeautyAngel RoundDream Chaser CapitalConsumer UpgradeBeijing
EllipalAngel RoundJRR CryptoDL CapitalsBlockchainShenzhen
TOT BiopharmSeries B99FundCenterlab Group, Vivo Capital, Chengwei Capital, Yuanda Financial Holdings, Gold Tech Venture CapitalHealthcareSuzhou
Uni-UbiSeries A+Shanghai Kangxin Investment Consulting Co., LtdAI & RoboticsHangzhou
ForDearMeSeries AKaitai CapitalE-commerceHangzhou
KukeduoSeries AShanghai Qipu Investment Management Co., LtdEnterprise servicesShanghai
GongchengbingSeries AundisclosedE-commerceNanjing
Yuyi TechnologyPre-ASuzhou Gaomei Capital ManagementTisiwi VenturesAI & RoboticsHangzhou
BOLOSeries BTime CapitalGGV CapitalMedia & EntertainmentBeijing
SXMAPSSeries AShenzhen Capital GroupEducationShenzhen
Belle HealthcarePre-ADanen CapitalHealthcareSuzhou
ShuidinongchangAngel RoundGSR Ventures, Zhen FundGamingBeijing
Xuanyu TechSeries ABaidu Ventures, Hillhouse CapitalCrystal Stream Venture Capital, FutureCapAI & RoboticsShenzhen
Yi+Series B+Zhongguancun Development GroupAI & RoboticsBeijing
Ougong International GroupSeries A+Galaxy CapitalE-commerceGuangzhou
AsapOneAngel RoundDivine CapitalTourismBeijing
Bainuo DoctorsPre-AShenzhen Huitou Capital ManagementHealthcareShenzhen
JuyixingchengAngel RoundundisclosedE-commerceBeijing
Henghai OceanAngel RoundCretrend CapitalAI & RoboticsWuhan

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