LeEco To Buy Boss Jia Yueting Wife’s Video Firm, Deal Gives Her 30X Return

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It was a good day for Jia Yueting, a controversial billionaire and founder of Chinese technology conglomerate LeEco. After months of being on the brink, he was finally able to breath a sigh of relief after around RMB15 billion life-saving capital were transferred to LeEco’s various subsidiaries to ensure their continued operations.

But it was a far better day for Jia’s wife Gan Wei (pictured), an actress-turned-entrepreneur. As LeEco’s listed entity Leshi Internet Information & Technology Corp. announced plans to acquire Gan’s web TV production firm, the young founder is set to see her initial investment of RMB9.3 million turn into RMB286 million, achieving a return of over 30 times during a 21-month period, a spectacular performance for a first-time entrepreneur.

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