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Frequently Asked Questions

Everybody who registers with China Money Network’s platform gets an account. A Basic Account is free, and it allows you to login with your username and password to view important data, articles, and stories on our platform.

A Digital Subscription, on the other hand, is a paid upgrade for an account. A subscription gives you access to members-only data, important articles, exclusive reports, and critical business news updates. You buy a Digital Subscription for a certain period of time, and when the Digital Subscription expires, it is renewed. If you choose to not renew your subscription, then you downgrade to a normal Basic Account again.

Plus, our daily DealShot is only available to Digital Subscribers. DealShot gives you a list each day of the investment rounds boosting valuations across Greater China. And Digital Subscribers benefit from great discounts to all our events, webinars, and conferences.

Because you want exclusive private equity, venture capital, and investment news before anyone else, you need to subscribe to China Money Network. While our free Basic Account limits you to a handful of news each month, our paid Digital Subscription opens the door to unlimited data points, daily news, and all of our archives. Plus, our daily DealShot is only available to Digital Subscribers. DealShot gives you a list each day of the investment rounds boosting valuations across Greater China. And Digital Subscribers benefit from great discounts to all our events, webinars, and conferences.

We offer free Basic Accounts that last a lifetime, and those accounts give you access to a limited amount of our coverage. Therefore, that Basic Account is your gateway to see just how much valuable data we provide each business day. When you need unlimited data and news, you can then easily upgrade to a paid Digital Subscription.

After you login, click on the "My Account" link and then click on "Update Details". You can then alter your password. However, because your email is used as your username, you can not alter your email address. If you need an assistance, please contact us.

Please contact our support team. We may require verification details prior to cancellation so we can be sure you are cancelling your own account or subscription. Please note your Digital Subscription will automatically be converted to a Basic Account, and deletion or cancellation of a Basic Account removes all your personal data from our systems and all data can not be retrieved thereafter. Refund Policy: all subscriptions are non-refundable and non-transferable. A subscription account will allow one named person at any one time of the subscription period.

For your safety and security, your account can only be logged in on one device or browser at a time when you use China Money Network. If you do wish to have multiple subscriptions to share with colleagues and friends, please contact us. We do have preferential discounts when you purchase multiple subscriptions at the same time. And for special licensing deals, we can provide you unlimited concurrent login sessions, so please contact us for our flexible options!

Please also check our Terms & Conditions for more information about concurrent sessions.

Group Subscriptions are an excellent way to provide your colleagues a wider access to China Money Network’s platform and data. With a Group Subscription, each of your colleagues gains their own access at discounted rates.

For Group Subscriptions, the terms and conditions for the account and subscription are agreed up on when each user signs up. So there is usually no need to sign a separate agreement for Group Subscriptions. Companies can pay for Group Subscriptions in two main ways: online with credit card or manually via a bank transfer. We do not provide pro-rated subscriptions, so any new accounts and subscriptions during a contract cycle will create a new contract cycle for the additional accounts.

Concurrent logins and simultaneous user sessions are not permitted in our system. However, we do offer special unlimited concurrent session accounts on some Group Subscriptions. Please contact us for more details.

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