Cova Cafe Opens New Shenzhen Location with Vexilor POS

SHENZHEN, China, April 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Cova Cafe selected Givex's Vexilor POS to be the point of sale system for its shopping mall location in Shenzhen. The first Cova Cafe opened in 1817 in Milan and today Cova continues its famous tradition of fine Italian confectioneries, with new locations opening in China.

Cova Cafe Opens New Shenzhen Location with Vexilor POS

After becoming dissatisfied with other POS systems, Cova started a search for a next-generation POS system which could enable Cova HQ to centrally manage all locations and receive information from them in real-time. The new POS would also need to be scalable to support Cova's growth plans and many more future locations. Vexilor was a referral from another business and proved to be a perfect fit for Cova's objectives.

Givex, the company behind Vexilor POS, was also keen to work with Cova's business requirements, even completing an integration to the shopping mall ERP system, Tech Trans, on Cova's behalf. This integration enables Givex to pass transactional data to the shopping mall in real-time and is essential for all stores in the mall. With this requirement fulfilled, any business in a shopping mall using Tech Trans will be able to get their location up and running quickly using Vexilor.

Vexilor POS comes with a full suite of services from Givex that Cova is very excited to use, including stored value cards, customer VIP programs, WeChat and Alipay payments. As Cova continues to open new locations, they will be deployed with Vexilor POS.

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Director, Marketing

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