Ping An Holds Sixth AI-themed 3A Forum

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SHANGHAI, June 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Whether humans can beat artificial intelligence (AI) in game competitions became a highly controversial topic at Ping An Group's 3A Forum when high-profile AlphaGo 2:0 again defeated Ke Jie, the world's No. 1 Go player. Both Hu Wei, COO of Ping An Technology and Organizer of 3A Forum, and Xiao Jing, Chief Scientist at Ping An Technology, noted in their opening speeches that AI can defeat humans at Go, a game that claims centuries of play by humans.

Wayne Hu, COO of Ping An Technology and Organizer of 3A Forum, and Xiao Jing, Chief Scientist at Ping An Technology (PRNewsfoto/Pingan Technology)

The AI-themed 3A Forum highlighted Ping An Technology's facial recognition technology, MIT's AI in the era of deep learning and Ping An Group's AI strategy blueprint in addition to exciting discussions and exchanges of opinions at several sub-forums.

During the session that focused on AI's application in risk control, lecturers explained how to tell whether someone is lying through the tiniest changes in their facial expressions. A high point that took place during the session on safe attack and defense was when the lecturer gave a live demonstration on the ability to conduct wiretapping, take a photo and capture the information surreptitiously all while the target phone is turned off. Important topics including innovative development of AI and internet safety grabbed the attention of attendees.

Mao Biao, director of Ping An Group's STRATEGIC development center, said that, from the group's viewpoint, there are two important conditions for AI to create business value: 1 actual business data is sued, as the data forms the basis; 2 the use case is based on real-life application scenarios. With a massive amount of data and a number of use cases, Ping An is able to develop highly practical and applicable AI technologies that improve efficiency, create higher value for customers and provide better services.

2017 marks Ping An Group's sixth 3A Forum. Wayne Hu also talked about how the 3A Forum has evolved from an internal technology sharing workshop attended solely by IT technologists to a group-wide IT forum involving all business-side colleagues. IT has played an important role in facilitating business teams rather than as simply a backup function. Ping An Technology, a key growth driver of Ping An, has set a firm course for itself with the "Technology Drives Finance" roadmap.

About 3A Forum

3A is what IT technologists at Ping An call Infrastructure Architect, Application Architect and Database Architect. The forum is designed to create a technology sharing platform for the group's IT technologists that promotes cross-industry and cross-organizational collaborations. Participants at this year's 3A Forum discussed the infrastructure, the planning and the program for the platform. Since 2012, Ping An Group has held five editions of 3A Forum, and after each edition, has received positive feedback from IT professionals across the company.

About Ping An Technology

Founded in 2008, Ping An Technology is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ping An and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with divisions in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Nanjing and Xi'an. The company has more than 4,000 IT technologists and IT management professionals. The establishment of Ping An Technology was a milestone in the IT sector for Ping An, serving as the announcement of Ping An's foray into the professional IT market and initiating a period of exploration that it refers to as "Technology Drives Finance".

Over the next few years, Ping An Technology, as the high-tech core business and key growth driver of Ping An, will implement the "Technology Leads Finance" roadmap, developing mobile web, cloud and big data applications. Ping An Technology plans on taking the lead in exploring new internet-based business models, by building a leading IT organization, creating a foundation to support the core business, and innovating in collaboration with all business units across the parent company.

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