Is Shenzhen Losing Its Fight To Become China’s Silicon Valley?

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Shenzhen, once a hotbed of technology innovation and home to seven Fortune Global 500 companies, is losing out in the race to becoming China’s Silicon Valley.

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  1. I think Bejing and Shanghai have an advantage over Shenzhen of better higher education establishments when it comes to nonhardware innovations. I’m not sure that can be said as well for Hangzhou but it is certainly punching above its weight.
    despite good education establishments, a problem Shenzhen now faces is the steady rise in property prices which means many of the new startups (without major capital) are heading further and further away from the inner city hubs of Nanshan, Futian, and LuoHu. In fact, many young graduates would probably find it hard to have a family home in the city as the property bubble is fairly large. This could result in a brain drain if the city isn’t careful to address this in the future making Shenzhen a victim of its own success.

    I would still argue that Shenzhen is better suited for tech developments particularly hardware ones as the infrastructure and support and supply chain is well established in Shenzhen. I even wrote a blog recently about this if you’re interested in all the reasons that help support Shenzhen as a hotbed for hardware startups.