KKR Leads $200M Round In Chinese Personal Finance Platform Suishou

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KKR has led a US$200 million series C round in Shenzhen Suishou Technology Co., a Chinese personal finance management platform, as part of the start-up’s series C round.

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  1. Clayton, Dubilier, and Rice recently fired the CEO of Brand Energy. That was a good move. They need to finish the job by getting rid of all the people that the ex-CEO brought in with him. The ex-CEO was incompetent and so were the ex-GE people he brought in with him. Clayton should watch those people like a hawk. If they play politics or don’t get along with co-workers, they should be fired right away. Brand Energy recently merged with Safway.

    Clayton shouldn’t let Brand executives waste money on Golf tournaments and useless trips. The ex-CEO and his gang did a lot of that. They said it was for charity but it was a waste of Clayton’s money. Clayton should make the ex-CEO and Brand executives reimburse them for all past trips and expenses. That means all airfare, hotel, and other expenses for past trips should be paid back to Clayton. The ex-GE guy in Houston who was called President of Business Development should definitely have to pay Clayton back since he was a big part of those useless golf tournaments and events which wasted company money. Clayton should do a detailed investigation and accounting of those trips and tournaments. Don’t let Brand executives hide behind the “charity” excuse.

    Clayton, Dubilier, and Rice is a PE firm very similar to KKR. They own Brand Energy.