DealShot: Ant Financial, Samsung Lead $40M Round In Chinese Deep Learning Firm DeePhi

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CompanyRoundAmountLead InvestorParticipantsCompany Intro   
DeePhiSeries A+US$40 millionAnt Financial, Samsung GroupChina Merchants Capital, China Growth Capital DeePhi is a Beijing-based artificial intelligence start-up which provides neural network compression technology and neural network hardware architecture to simplify and accelerate deep learning applications.
Gaosi EducationStrategic financingUS$52.8 millionChina Media Capital, AlphaX Partners Sinovation Ventures, China International Capital Co., Ltd.Gaosi Education is an online K-12 education company listed on China’s New Third Board. The company offers online live streaming courses covering Chinese, math, English, physics, chemistry and history, with the support of offline training centers for some specific topics.
HuisuanzhangSeries BUS$30 millionIDG Capital, Tendence Capital, CreditEase, THG Ventures, Chuanrong CapitalHuisuanzhang is a Beijing-based bookkeeping software developer which provides online agent accounting solutions for fiscal and tax agents.
Futurus TechnologySeries AUS$10 millionCathy Capital Private EquitySBCVC, One CapitalBeijing-based Futurus Technology specializes in developing head-up displays. Its product Pilot Hud can be used for safety driving assistance, navigation, music playing, and phone calls.
YitaichangSeries AundisclosedSequoia Capital ChinaYitaichang is a Chinese fast food takeaway brand.
GZY360.comAngel RoundMillions of RMBGreen Pine Capital is a Chinese public building renovate management and transaction platform. It helps the project contractor find materials and labors, as well as supervise the project progress.
Super SOCOSeries A+Tens of millions of RMBXiaomi Inc., Shunwei CapitalSuper SOCO is a Shanghai-based electric motorcycle developer. Its intelligent electric motorcycle product SOCO TC combines intelligent alarm device, intelligent interactive system, a cloud platform and a mobile app. The company claims that it has covered 120 cities in China and 31 countries around the world.
X-ChargeSeries ATens of millions of RMBGGV CapitalZhen FundX-Charge is a Beijing-based electric car charging pile developer. Customers can start charging by scanning the QR code on the charging pile and stop the charging via mobile app.
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