DealShot: Kinzon Joins $17M Round In Chinese Clinical Imaging Firm Deepwise

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CompanyRoundAmountLead InvestorParticipantsCompany Intro   
Gump ComeSeries BUS$15 millionWalden InternationalBaidu Ventures, DT Capital PartnersGuangzhou Gump Come Company Ltd provides vending machines and system solutions for vending machine operator. The company also collect data from its machines and offers cloud services.
HaloveSeries AUS$31.6 millionWe Doctor GroupHalove(Hangzhou) Technology Co.,Ltd is a hardware and healthcare software developer. It provides smart phones, visual reality headset and wearable devices. Its healthcare platform offers 24-hour emergency rescue system, online private doctor and health index monitoring.
Tmeng.cnSeries BUS$13.5 millionSAIF Partners, Meridian Capital, DT Capital is a Chinese web drama and online movie producer. The company claims it produces around 150 online movies and 100 episodes of web drama each year.
DeepwiseSeries A+US$17.3 millionDanhua CapitalDalton Venture, FengHe Group, Tendence Capital, Kinzon Capital, Beijing Dongfang Hongdao Asset Management Co., Ltd.Deepwise is an artificial intelligence technology-based clinical imaging services provider. It focuses on developing clinical imaging diagnosis system for early-stage detection of cancer. It currently covers breast cancer, prostate cancer and chest radiograph.
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