DealShot: Zhongguancun Development Group Co-Leads $19M Round In Chinese Gene Sequencing Firm Cygnus

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CompanyRoundAmountLead InvestorParticipantsCompany Intro   
1MData.comSeries BUS$15 millionNational Small and Medium-size Enterprises Development Fund (Shenzhen Guozhong Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd)1MData is a Beijing-based medical technology company. It provides electronic medical record systems that uses optical character recognition technology to convert images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text, and scanning and uploading of images for record keeping and management.
Cygnus BiosciencesSeries BUS$19.6 millionZhongguancun Development Group, Dongfang Yirui (Shanghai) Investment Management Co., LtdBeijing Longpan Investment Management Consulting Center (GP), Beijing Jinggong Hongyuan Venture Capital Center (LP), Proxima Ventures, General Technology Venture Capital Co., LtdCygnus Biosciences (Beijing) Co., Ltd is a Chinese gene sequencing company. It provides gene sequencing devices, supporting chips and reagents, for disease detection, diagnosis and screening.
AutoboleSeries BUS$10.5 millionJupai Holdings Ltd.'s Yunji CapitalGreen Pine Capital is a Chinese third party secondhand car condition inspection services provider.
LeboSeries A+US$9.8 millionShenzhen Qianhai Fund-of-funds, T-rex CapitalBojiang Capital, Ren CapitalShenzhen Lebo Science and Technology Co., Ltd develops multi-screen interactive software. Its product can connect smart phone with TV set or projector to display mobile games, live video streaming, video calls and other mobile contents on larger screen.
SunnatechSeries AUS$3 millionShenzhen Jiadaogu Investment Management Co., LtdSunnatech Scientific Corp is a Shanghai-based company focusing on tissue-engineered small diameter vascular grafts. It has also developed air pollution mask using nanofiber from tissue-engineered vascular grafts.
SennotechPre-ATens of millions of RMBMidas CapitalTianjin Venture Capital, Cyzone Angel FundSennotech is a Shenzhen-based healthcare wearable devices developer. It also provides healthcare solutions, such as smart insoles, which can monitor and analyze users' activities, as well as smart tablecloth and bed sheets.
Yidian ZixunSeries EUS$112.1 millionLong De Cheng Zhang Culture Communication (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.Yidian Zixun is a Chinese personalized news feed mobile app backed by New York-listed Phoenix New Media.
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