DealShot: Baidu Ventures Leads $64M Series B Round In Chinese Medical Imaging Service Provider Rimag

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CompanyRoundAmountLead InvestorParticipantsCompany Intro
RimagSeries BUS$64 millionBaidu VenturesNeovision Capital, Goldman Sachs China, Huayu Rongchuang, Beijing Huaxin Century Investment Group Co., Ltd, Zeyue CapitalRimag is a Shenzhen-based medical imaging service provider. They are specialized in medical imaging center operation, relevant cloud technology development, and talent training.
Meiliche FinancialSeries BUS$92 millionNew Hope GroupWacaiMeiliche Financial, which operates under, is a Shanghai-based auto financing service platform.
MashaMaSeries BUS$40 millionVertex Asia Fund, Su and Partners MashaMa is the eponymous fashion brand by Chinese clothing designer Masha Ma.
YunSpaceSeries BUS$15 millionCapHill, Fang Fund PartnersYunSpace is a Chinese short-term commercial space rental platform which provides comprehensive solutions from activity space to activity content.
ATN.ioStrategic financingTens of millions of U.S. dollarsDream Chaser Capital, Capital Dynamics, Longqing Capital, Drip is a Chinese blockchain technology-based artificial intelligence API marketplace.
Keeson TechnologyStrategic financingUS$32 millionRed Star Macalline, Easyhome, Oppein Home Group Inc., Easyhome, Share Capital Keeson Technology is a Chinese electric mattress supplier.
Ecom ChainAngel RoundundisclosedGENESIS, LongLing Capital, Zhen Fund, Sinovation Ventures, Alpha Startups, JD Digital AssetsEcom Chain is a Chinese ethereum-based decentralized sales distribution platform. Through blockchain technology, they hope the real and effective product reviews cannot be falsified.
BangBangTuSeries ATens of millions of U.S. dollarsundisclosedBangBangTu, which operates under, is a Guangzhou-based intra-city distribution service platform.
Cryofocus BiotechSeries ATens of millions of RMBSuzhou Industrial Park Bioventure Investment Management LimitedCryofocus Biotech is a Shanghai-based cryoablation device manufacturer, focusing on the application of cryogenic technology in the field of cardiovascular interventional therapy.

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