DealShot: China’s Face++ Buys Warehousing Robotics Maker Ares Robot

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Chinese face recognition firm Face++ powers the face scan function used by 150 million users out of the 450 million users of Ant Financial's third-party payment provider, Alipay.

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CompanyRoundAmountLead InvestorParticipantsCompany Intro
Ares RobotM&AundisclosedFace++Ares Robot is a Beijing-based intelligent warehousing robot solutions provider.
Cloud Share CloudSeries AUS$15.9 millionZhangzhou Easepal Industrial Co.,Ltd., Huadun International Investment Co., LtdCloud Share Cloud, or Yunxiangyun in Chinese, is a Chinese massage armchair sharing company.
Guan'An InformationSeries BUS$20.7 millionZhangjiang Group (Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Development Company), Shanghai Information Investment Inc., New Alliance Capital, Haitong KaiyuanGuan'An Information, also known as Information & Data Security Solutions Co., Ltd.(IDSS), is a Shanghai-based information data security solution provider.
ArtqiyiSeries A+US$9.5 millionOrigins CapitalArtqiyi is a Guangzhou-based online claw crane games platform. Users can control a real claw crane machine on its platform via smartphone, and then the dolls will be sent to users.
SuperiorSeries AUS$4.8 millionStar Education ManagementSuperior is a Taiwanese after-school child care and education service company.
WaijiaoyiPre-AUS$4.8 millionShunwei CapitalSinovation VenturesWaijiaoyi is a Beijing-based online foreign language teacher service and management solution provider.
JYBD.cnPre-ATens of millions of RMBChina Capital Management Co., is a Chinese auto parts marketplace and after-sales maintenance service platform.
tanworthAngel RoundTens of millions of RMBAnt Financialtanworth is a Shenzhen-based digital product rental service platform.
BroadvPrivate placementTens of millions of RMBAurora Private EquityBroadv is Beijing-based audio and video data monitoring and management system provider.
80percent Network TechnologyAngel RoundUS$795,000 undisclosed80percent Network Technology is a Shenzhen-based full-stack engineer technical service company, focusing on providing technical services for WeChat mini program ecology.
ScientistInSeries AundisclosedTusStarScientistIn is a Beijing-based scientific knowledge sharing platform, matching scientists and research experts with projects' needs.
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