Following Amazon’s Footsteps, China’s Launches In-Car Delivery

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Chinese e-commerce firm Inc plans to debut a new in-car delivery service in partnership with Chinese electric vehicle company NIO.

Following the footsteps of Amazon, the new service allows customers to have their purchases dropped off in the trunks of their cars at home, at the office, or in a wide range of other approved areas.

NIO is planning to delivering its vehicles to buyers later this year. Afterwards, this in-car delivery service will be able to owners of NIO.

The service will use connected car technology that automatically locates customers’ cars, then enables JD’s delivery personnel to pop the trunk of the car using a Personal Digital Assistant to the car, deposit the consumer’s order, and lock the trunk again. To maximize security, the device is programmed so only the specifically authorized JD delivery person will be able to open the car trunk, while the entire delivery process can be monitored using in-car cameras.

The offering adds a convenient option for consumers with cars who may not be available to accept deliveries in person, such as office workers who park their cars in the company lot during the day, or commuters who leave their cars in their driveways while they are out.

NIO will release its NIO ES8 later this year with JD in-car delivery service as a standard option.

JD also plans to partner with other leading automakers in China to roll out the new service across connected car models. To utilize in-car delivery, JD consumers who own compatible car models can connect their JD account with their account on the automakers’ connected car platforms.


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