Launch of GPX Token by Parcelx Signals Shift to Blockchain Technology Use in Cross-border Parcel Delivery Industry

    ParcelX is set to connect delivery companies, individual consumers and other key players from the logistics industry on a single platform, applying blockchain technology to introduce decentralization, interoperability, information integrity and trust into cross-border delivery logistics.

    SINGAPORE, Aug. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Brainchild of Global Parcel Network Ltd., Singapore, the soon-to-launch ParcelX platform will leverage blockchain technology to connect shippers, logistics service providers, logistics integrators and consumers through the architecture of a distributed and decentralized ledger system.

    The ecosystem will be supported by the native ParcelX Token (GPX), the unifying payment instrument, allowing participants to take part in the ecosystem regardless of their geographic location, eliminating foreign exchange risk.

    ParcelX is being built on top of an existing logistics network with an established market base in China, Korea and Japan. Its partnerships include major cross-border e-retailers like Rakuten, eBay, Wish, InterPark, LG life, and It also collaborates with Yunda, Sagawa, CJ, UBI, Walltech, and Cainiao. ParcelX's China execution unit also has exclusive ownership of ports in Xiamen and Yancheng, with overseas warehouses in Japan and Korea.

    With a vision to be the next generation solution for cross-border parcel deliveries, CEO and Co-founder Mr. Guo Shunri shares, "ParcelX's closed-loop GPX Token economy builds value for early adopters and partners, and our team is confident that the initial coin offering will help scale up the existing business quickly by providing sufficient capital and ample incentives for participants to build a harmonious community that contributes to and benefits from the ecosystem."

    In May 2018, ParcelX struck a strategic partnership with Metaverse, a leading public blockchain and digital identity pioneer. This partnership placed ParcelX amongst China's blockchain behemoths. Mr. Eric Gu, CEO of the Metaverse Foundation, remarks, "We are excited to work with ParcelX to provide the infrastructure layer blockchain technology to a rapidly scaling business. By using our Digital Identity and Digital Asset capabilities, ParcelX will be able to fully realize their potential to provide a low cost and efficient delivery system to clients worldwide."

    Also voicing early support for ParcelX, Mr. Zhuolong Yang, Director, Vice-President and Chief Innovation Officer of Yunda Group, one of China's largest express delivery companies, says, "It is an amazing idea to leverage the blockchain technology and token economy to help with the scaling of the cross-border parcel delivery business. Yunda is looking forward to the collaboration with ParcelX to deliver global parcels into China and would love to extend our service reach to more global locations through the ParcelX network."

    In addition, ParcelX will charge zero-commission on its services, allowing all participants in its ecosystem to focus on their core competencies of building their business and making deliveries. Instead of worrying about overhead costs and upgrading their IT infrastructure, partners are incentivized to focus on unlocking their latent capacity.

    With the launch of its GPX Token, ParcelX has introduced the next generation of cross-border parcel delivery services: efficient, inexpensive and transparent, hence trustworthy in service; made possible by blockchain and the ParcelX ecosystem.

    ParcelX is now listed on the RightBTC exchange in Dubai, and the platform's beta version is set for launch in Q4 2018, upon which the company's existing businesses will be migrated to the Parcel X network.

    About ParcelX:

    ParcelX is being built on top of an existing logistics network with an established market base in China, Korea and Japan. It has years of experience connecting cross-border e-commerce delivery providers such as Yunda, Sagawa, CJ, UBI, Walltech, and Cainiao. ParcelX's China execution unit has exclusive ownership of ports in China, with overseas warehouses in Japan and Korea. It is the first mover to adopt blockchain technology and token economics to harness unutilized capacity from domestic delivery providers, removing inefficiency, data opacity, and high costs from geographically distant nodes. For more information, please visit

    About Metaverse:

    Metaverse is a leading public blockchain that provides enterprises and individuals an infrastructure technology layer that solves their most pressing blockchain needs. By combining Digital Identities and Digital Assets, Metaverse allows users to fully integrate their businesses and ideas with the decentralized ledger, thus democratizing the use of blockchain technology for the public. Metaverse is one of the first public blockchain projects to be founded in China and now has a strong team of over 120 members around the world. Please visit for further information.

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