China Money Network To Announce China AI Top 50 Ranking At Summer Davos In Tianjin

China Money Network is to unveil a much anticipated ranking of 50 most successful Chinese AI companies on September 19 during a press conference at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions held by the World Economic Forum in Tianjin, China.

The groundbreaking research on China’s star AI companies will offer rare insights into the rising Chinese AI industry. The press conference will be attended by Nina Xiang, founder and managing editor of China Money Network, Hao Jingfang, the first Asian female winner of the Hugo Award, Prof. Stuart Russell of the University of California, Berkeley, and Georg Schmitt, head of corporate affairs at the World Economic Forum.

"If you want to have a close-up understanding of the Chinese AI industry, this is the report you must read as it is packed with company details and insights," says Nina Xiang, founder and managing editor of China Money Network. "To compile this ranking, we studied over 1,000 companies, interviewed a plethora of industry experts, and visited dozens of companies across China. This 67-page report will let readers see the Chinese AI sector in a different light."

The China AI Top 50 ranking is produced after months of thorough investigations with the China Money Network team analyzing over 1,000 Chinese AI companies and interviewing a plethora of industry participants. The team also communicated with many of the world’s top experts, visited dozens of companies and reviewed tomes of existing research and data.

This video explains how the China Money Network team produced the ranking, and shows the highlights of our face-to-face meetings with numerous leading AI companies in China.

The ranking will be available at 13:30 on September 19, 2018 at We will also be live streaming the press conference on this website. Please stay tuned for the most insightful research on the Chinese AI space.

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