FansTime Keeps Developing the Value of Individuals

    Celebrity Token Issuance Plan Ready to Go

    SINGAPORE, Sept. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- "The ultimate goal of FansTime is to build a vertical platform and a decentralized worldwide community where everyone can fully explore, develop, nurture and give back to their individual value" - Quote from the Whitepaper of FansTime.

    Step One: Time Exchange

    The FansTime team launched their 1st Dapp in March this year with the main function called time exchange. On this Dapp, users can purchase celebrity time via FTI, the main token of FansTime and the backbone of the ecosystem that FansTime is building. What's the celebrity time in FansTime ecosystem? The quantification symbol of individual value whose price is decided by the market. That is to say, the more talents you possess the higher price your time will get.

    Until now, the Dapp got 120,000 daily active users and signed with over 100 celebrities worldwide. The trading volume once made a weekly breakthrough of up to almost 17,987,400 US dollars. After four months, the profit sharing mechanism was online which allows the FTI holders share the fees generated from the time exchange.

    Step Two: Celebrity Token Issuance Plan

    FansTime announced that their main net will be online in October this year in Seoul, during an interview noted by their technical advisor Ken Huang. And the public chain created by FansTime is not the one built for all industries, instead only focusing on the fan economy. The current application scenario is to support individuals to issue their own token and it is the fundamental part of the FansTime ecosystem said by Sophia Han, the strategic investor of FansTime.

    Firstly, Fans can consume the tokens to get the goods they want like IP perimeters and get access to the fan-meeting events, concerts, contest etc. Secondly, celebrities will take some income portions to reward the token holders, promoting investors to grow with their fandom, and enjoying the benefits brought by the growth of fandom. Of course, different celebrities may take different profits for sharing with the holders. Thirdly, the celebrity token has a potential to generate niche markets. For example, the supporter of Hendry Token is JOY 8-ball Group, the largest billiards equipment maker and one party to the project of Hendry token, which has over 1000 in-depth cooperating billiards clubs and numerous smaller ones. The token issued by them can be used among the billiards industry, paying for playing billiards or buying billiards equipment.

    Step Three: Full Speed Ahead to the Future

    It is not easy for FansTime to stand out from others in a highly competitive blockchain sector joined by lots of big major entertainment companies. But comparing with traditional entertainment companies, FansTime has obvious advantages. Traditional entertainment companies lag behind in both the reserve of blockchain technology and the understanding and acceptance of blockchain technology. They need a guide to lead them in this new field. In contrast, FansTime is well advanced in both the fan economy and in blockchain technology. The way ahead appears relatively smooth for it.

    FansTime will continue to consolidate their overall strength for technology development in the future, and with more and more manpower and material resources being introduced to the public chain construction, the network will be enlarged to a big extent upon the integration of all kinds of resources, including the presence built in the Korean market, and other localized teams in other countries in the following months.

    Until now, FTI the main token of FansTime has been listed on 10 cryptoexchanges which are, Huobi Korea, Huobi Indonesia, Huobi Hadax, CoinEgg, Bit-Z, FCoin, CoinMex, Ubit Pro, and

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    Reported by Korean Media:§ion=sc8

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