Artificial Intelligence Breast Cancer Full Cycle Health Management System

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    BEIJING, Sept. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 28th, 2018, the "2018 Pink Ribbon Campaign and Smart Medical Theme Festival" jointly launched by "TREND HEALTH" a global technology giant, Intel and medical AI Unicorn HuiyiHuiying was opened in Beijing. "Protect with Love, Prevent with AI" as the theme, Alyson Griffin, vice president of global brand marketing from Intel, Yali Liang, general manager of Intel Marketing Group's industry solutions division, Gong Na, president of fashion magazine, and Yi Wang, vice president of fashion group. Yajun Sun, executive publisher of Fashion Health magazine, Xiangfei Chai, Founder & CEO of HuiyiHuiying, Co-founder & COO Na Guo of HuiyiHuiying, and many guests from the medical and industrial fields participated in the event to discuss how to use AI technology to benefit breast cancer prevention and treatment.

    At the meeting, HuiyiHuiying and Intel jointly launched the "Artificial Intelligence Breast Cancer Full Cycle Health Management System" to help screening and diagnosis through artificial intelligence technology. Saying Huo, Wei Sun, Xuejuan Luo and Jiaqi Li were present as representatives of this year's charity star and were awarded the "Pink Ambassador" award.

    Panel Discussion: Guests from various industries share their insights at the Smart Medical Theme Salon
    Panel Discussion: Guests from various industries share their insights at the Smart Medical Theme Salon

    Protect with Love, Prevent with AI

    According to the statistics, breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women and in fact, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. The incidence rate has ranked first among female malignant tumors and has become the first killer threatening women's health. "Early screening, Early detection, Early treatment" is essential for women to prevent breast cancer. Mammography, ultrasound, MRI and other imaging examinations have become important means of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. However, in the field of medical imaging, we are still facing many issues: the gap between doctors' supply and demand, high barriers for entry, uneven distribution of medical resources and rapid growth of data, etc. With the continuous breakthrough of artificial intelligence technology and the gradual integration with the healthcare field, it has become possible to apply AI to the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. Through AI technology, it will reduce breast cancer mortality and increase breast conservation rate.

    The newest technology cannot go become profitable without the lead of the technology giants. Intel and China Medical Imaging AI Unicorn, HuiyiHuiying, jointly developed the "Artificial Intelligence Breast Cancer Full Cycle Health Management System" to provide a reliable end-to-end artificial intelligence solution covering from screening to follow-up. The whole process of monitoring is mainly divided into three stages: In the first stage, artificial intelligence participates in breast image interpretation and be able to cover a larger number of people. In the second phase, artificial intelligence provides clinical decision support, combined with Radiomics, to provide a very accurate basis for clinical decision making. In the third stage, artificial intelligence participates in analyzing follow-up data to enable postoperative evaluation and prediction.

    Alyson Griffin, vice president of global brand marketing at Intel Corporation, said: "We are very happy to participate in the Pink Ribbon campaign. This is an exciting collaboration that fully demonstrates Intel's huge commitment to innovation and the use of innovative service society. We are willing to use our most advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence technology, help the world solve the most pressing challenges." Yali Liang, general manager of China's marketing group's industry solutions division, said: "Artificial intelligence has been emerging in protecting human life and health. Intel has a wide range of artificial intelligence products in the industry. By working with eco-industry partners, it can accelerate the application of artificial intelligence in the medical industry and promote artificial intelligence to bring great value to the medical industry and protect human life and health."

    Yajun Sun, editor-in-chief of TRENDSHEALTH Journal, said: "In the past 16 years, the Pink Ribbon event, which represents health and beauty, has become a well-known activity with continuous efforts of our partners and us. It is the first time we cooperate with high-tech company to present the Pink Ribbon event together. Integrating the leading artificial intelligence into the Pink Ribbon is a major breakthrough that will bring tremendous momentum to the event," said Yajun Sun, editor-in-chief of TRENDSHEALTH Journal.

    "Along with the cooperation with Intel's technical team, we have greatly improved the accuracy and efficiency of mammography screening, and have made great breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment. The growth also inspires us and we believe that artificial intelligence will further integrate with the medical industry and play an important role in medical imaging. We will also cooperate with Intel to push the medical industry reform and bring welfare to healthcare," said Xiangfei Chai, Founder & CEO of HuiyiHuiying.

    Caring for Breasts with AI, Passing on Love

    As the leadership driven by medical data in AI medical industry, HuiyiHuiying has taken healthcare innovation as its mission and has been committed to integrating the most cutting-edge cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence technology into medical care. In the past 3 years, HuiyiHuiying has taken artificial intelligence as a breakthrough and has released a number of AI medical products, including lung nodule diagnosis, fracture diagnosis, chest X-ray diagnosis, and AORTIST 2.0 Aorta AI cloud platform. HuiyiHuiying has empowered the tiered diagnosis & treatment, precision diagnosis & treatment and took the lead in AI medical industry, with products installed in more than 800 hospitals.

    "The current era is not only the best time, but also a great era. Thanks to the development of deep learning and computing power, big data has become the greatest asset of mankind. Artificial intelligence, the new productive force in the fourth industrial revolution, has brought profound changes to the healthcare field and opened a new era of patient-centered medical AI," said Na Guo, Co-founder & COO of HuiyiHuiying.

    Na Guo mentioned the significant morbidity of breast cancer. On average at least 16 women were diagnosed with cancer per minute globally, 4 with breast cancer; and on average 8 women died of cancer per minute, at least 1 of them had breast cancer.

    With the collaboration with Intel, HuiyiHuiying launches the product "Breast Cancer Artificial Intelligence Full Cycle Health Management Cloud Platform" on the AI assisted diagnosis platform "Dr. Turing." This is the world's first patient-centered breast cancer AI full-cycle health management cloud platform, which can provide a full data chain monitoring and management platform and a full-cycle solution for breast diseases. Supported by Intel Xeon servers, its high-throughput computing platform adopts mammary cancer screening technology such as Intel Inception-v4 and inception-resnet-v2 to support multi-modal data operations, which can improve data processing and efficiency of detection greatly.

    Dr. Turing-2.0 of HuiyiHuiying is an artificial intelligence 2.0 product that can realize clinical decision-making and individualized diagnosis and treatment. It is different from artificial intelligence 1.0 product which can only perform disease screening diagnosis. It can improve medical staff efficiency depending on imaging technology, screening diagnosis and clinical solution efficiency and provide personalized diagnosis and treatment programs for patients, and also optimize the diagnosis and treatment process. AI technology will run through the whole disease cycle of mammary cancer and will greatly save the cost of diagnosis and treatment. AORTIST 2.0 Aorta AI cloud platform, Dr. Turing 2.0 is another product that has the clinical decision-making solution.

    The lecture "Protect with Love, Prevent with AI" is given by Na Guo, Co-founder of HuiyiHuiying.
    The lecture "Protect with Love, Prevent with AI" is given by Na Guo, Co-founder of HuiyiHuiying.

    HuiyiHuiying will continue to excavating AI technology and medical innovation

    The spark of the technology and healthcare lights up this pink event

    Enterprises from different industries continue to promote the pink ribbon campaign and extending public welfare to more fields, which will affect more people and help with the concept of "early screening, early detection, early treatment."

    HuiyiHuiying, iKang, United Family Healthcare, TiHe COMMUNICATION, Joyrun and SD Bao received the 2018 TRENDSHEALTH Pink Ribbon Campaign "Pink Public Welfare Alliance" award issued by "TRENDSHEALTH".

    The most exciting moment came near the end of the event, 2018 Pink Ribbon Lights Ceremony was jointly launched by Gong Na, the president of Fashion Magazine, Yi Wang, vice president of Fashion Group, Yajun Sun, media industry general manager of Fashion Group and executive publisher of "TRENDSHEALTH", Alyson Griffin, vice president of global brand marketing of Intel, Zhang Yifan, marketing vice president of Intel and general manager of China marketing, Yali Liang, Xiangfei Chai, Founder & CEO of HuiyiHuiying, Na Guo, Co-founder & COO of HuiyiHuiying.

    As the audience was counting down, the Intercontinental Hotel, the landmark of Sanli Village, turned pink and then the color of Intel logo switched from blue to pink. The slogan of "Protect with Love, Prevent with AI" issued by Intel and TRENDHEALTH appeared on the building. Additionally, the light boxes outside of the Beijing Capital Airport turned pink that leaving a charming scene on the early autumn of Beijing sky.

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