THEIA Wallet Announces the 2.0 Version Goes Live and the Strategic Partnership with Four Quantitative Teams

    HANGZHOU, China, Oct. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, THEIA wallet, as the world's leading cross-chain wallet, announced that its 2.0 version had been officially launched online. The highlight of this round is that THEIA wallet has established a new portal to offer quantitative finance services, and integrated with the strongest quantitative trading teams, which are LANCHAO, Coinsea, Kronos and InvestDigital. Based on the user-oriented belief, THEIA wallet has established strategic cooperation with the above four professional digital quantitative trading teams to provide users with various digital asset management and value-added tools.

    THEIA wallet is a cross-chain multi-crypto-currency wallet which is designed to build a new wallet ecosystem around THA coin. THEIA wallet not only has a breakthrough dual-track operational system which contains both password account and de-centralized account to meet the needs of users with different habits at different stages, but also is a one-stop application management platform which supports the transaction and management of multi-crypto-currency.

    "Quantitative finance is not a stranger in the financial sector," the founder of the THEIA wallet, Jin Huayue said. There are numerous quantitative trading teams in the world, and this sector has become a red sea in the traditional financial market. However, the digital currency market is still to be explored, which remains a blue ocean market with great potential for development. Meanwhile, the volatility of the market and the trading characteristics of crypto-currency also enable the quantitative finance to reach higher yields.

    As a powerful team, LANCHAO investment fund's monthly average interest rate of BTC is 9.3%. Inspite of the downturn of the industry, the annualized interest rate of LANCHAO still remains 26.6%. This excellent performance depends on the fact that the team members are all elites in their respective fields, and can exploit and superimpose their respective advantages in the field of crypto currency from various dimensions.

    Coinsea quantitative finance was established in April 2018. In June, its product KeYingBao were awarded as the monthly champion of the CSI Wolf of Wall-Street's Digital Currency Trading Competition.  Coinsea believes in "stability is everything." Every strategy is debugged tens of thousands of times with the professional selection and real-estate verification before the official launch. Therefore, it ranks top on the fund ranking list in terms of stability and profitability all around the year.

    KRONOS, founded in June 2018, is a leading digital crypto currency management services team. Most of the team members graduated from top universities in the world, and had decades of experience in high-frequency trading companies as well as multiple experiences in alpha research and digital crypto market in the United States. KRONOS is an open, multi-strategy crypto-currency hedge fund whose aim is to take on targeted risk, which makes KRONOS have the ability to trade more capital and create sustainable advantages for the future.

    InvestDigital's mainly business model is "blockchain plus digital currency management." It uses the technology of blockchain, such as certificate deposit, upper chain and intelligent contract, to help the digital currency fund complete the process of the "raise, investment, management and withdrawal." Its professional team managed more than 20,000 ETH, 3,000 BTC and other digital currencies (about 200 million RMB), and the overall product return rate in 2017 was hundreds of times higher than that of traditional asset management.

    The launch of the 2.0 version of THEIA wallet means that it will fully deploy digital cryptocurrency to quantify financial management. This strategic deployment is ahead of all block chain wallets in global cryptocurrency area. In the future, THEIA wallet will continue to integrate more professional quantitative ecology, open cooperation and build a world's leading one-stop management platform for digital assets. From what has been discussed above, THEIA wallet may be able to  dominate the blockchain wallets field in the future.


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