China’s Horizon Robotics Joins Hands With Freetech For ADAS Development And Smart Driving

Chinese advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) suppliers are facing a breakout.

Auto parts manufacturers such as Bosch, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Continental AG and Mobileye have formed competitive advantages in the ADAS industry thanks to their deep accumulation of technology. However, due to the special situation of China’s road traffic, the products of international suppliers have also encountered some “acclimatism” when they conduct business in China. This is precisely the advantage for the emerging domestic auto parts suppliers

The dominance of international suppliers is quietly changing.

On November 8th, smart driving solutions services and product provider Freetech and edge artificial intelligence (AI) chips and solutions provider Horizon Robotics signed a strategic cooperation agreement.The duo will put their research and development forces on ADAS and autonomous driving solutions, and work together to lay a solid foundation for the development of smart driving in the Chinese market. The two parties indicated that they will work together to provide mass-produced ADAS products for Chinese original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

As the key technology for intelligent driving, the primary goal of ADAS is to provide drivers with safety assistance, issue warnings when the vehicle becomes critical, and perform error correction in specific scenarios, thus providing a comfortable driving experience while ensuring safety.

The ADAS solution covers the entire driving process of “perception – decision making – execution”. Accordingly, the system operation requires the support of algorithms and sensors such as millimeter wave radars and cameras.

But in fact, the domestic ADAS industry has always been in the state of "consistency" of imported goods.

“China’s ADAS standards, which are all converted from European and American standards, cannot reflect its actual road traffic characteristics. At present, the European and American standards only cover 46% of the road scenes in China, and 53% of the cases are not included such as electric bicycles. The ADAS products developed in European and American standards naturally cannot meet the needs of Chinese users,” said Zhu Xichan, director of the Automotive Safety Technology Research Institute of Tongji University, in the signing ceremony

Moreover, domestic ADAS market is dominated by well-known foreign auto parts suppliers such as Autoliv, Bosch, Continental AG, Delphi and Mobileye. As a result, Chinese OEMs have been in a relatively passive state of choice for ADAS products, and the replacement and rigor of their technology products are also limited.

Industry-leading manufacturers in China such as FAW, Chang’an and Geely hope to break ip this situation.

“In terms of product use, ADAS does not recognize the unique road traffic conditions in China, and the opportunities for users to use functions will be less. At the same time, when there is a problem with the product, how to respond quickly is the willingness to solve the problem and the key of localization ability,” said He Jiangang, general manager of Intelligent Research Institute at Chang’an Automobile.

However, these products capabilities, rapid response capabilities and data openness capabilities are all that foreign auto parts companies cannot and are not willing to provide.

In the longer term, the current automotive industry is in the transition from advanced driver assistance to advanced automatic driving, if domestic suppliers cannot master the core technology in the field of assisted driving, then the autonomous and controllable voice of domestic auto industry chain will also remain weak in the coming automated driving era

Therefore, whether it is from the entire industry ecology or from the discourse power of the domestic auto industry, the strong alliance of local auto parts suppliers is a good news.

At the signing ceremony, Freetech and Horizon Robotics said that the cooperation between the two parties will help China’s auto industry to build an independent and competitive industrial chain, and providesafe and reliable “smart driving solutions” for Chinese OEMs to compete with world-class auto parts manufacturers on the same stage.

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