Chinese Genetic Testing Company Geneseeq Completes $114M Series D Round

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Chinese cancer genetic testing service company Geneseeq has raised RMB800 million (US$114.3 million) in a series D round of financing led by China Reform Holdings Corporation.

Lilly Asia Ventures, SoftBank China Venture Capital (SBCVC) and other investors also participated in this new round.

The company has received more than RMB600 million (US$85.73 million) in previous financing rounds before the latest.

Geneseeq was founded in 2008 to develop next-generation sequencing (NGS) for precision medicine in cancer treatment. Geneseeq translates patients’ complex genomic information into meaningful decision-making tools for physicians, bringing precision medicine to cancer patients.

The development of tumor precision medicine has entered the fast track, and the competition for clinical tumor molecular detection and liquid biopsy has become increasingly fierce. Earlier this year, two other leading companies in the field of oncology NGS testing, Genetron and Genecast Biotechnology, also secured huge amounts of financing.

(This article is translated from 36Kr. You can see the original article in Chinese here.)

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