Free Headhunting Service Duke Headhunter Completes PRE-A Round

Duke headhunter APP announced the financing of the 100 million Yuan Pre-A series investment by Beijing and Partner Information Technology Co. Ltd. as the first free headhunting APP.

Zhu Chunsheng, founder of the dukehunting APP, said that in the era of globalization, almost every market segment has to face the dual challenges of multinational brands and local competitors. Whether an enterprise can build a middle and high-level team with strong fighting power or not concerns the survival and development of the enterprise.

As a result of the Information asymmetry, the search industry has long charged employers a hefty fee for their services. The innovative model of the headhunting APP keeps pace with the times, charging no fees for either candidates or employers.

It can not only solve the two pain points of high cost and low efficiency, but also gain profit from the enterprise service and the fine e-commerce layout.

In the headhunting industry, the biggest pain point is the employer’s job demand and the candidate’s professional skills and comprehensive quality, it is difficult to achieve efficient and accurate match.

The use of mobile Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other advanced technology, can make headhunting recruitment process profound changes, said Duke headhunting APP.

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