Online Tutoring Unit Of VIPKID Secures $80M Round

A unit of Chinese education company VIPKID has raised US$80 million financing from
Tencent, Sequoia Capital China and other Chinese funds.

The unit has changed its name Dami Wangxiao, or Dami Online School, to focus on primary students large class live online tutoring classes, mainly for English and mathematics.

The unit is based on the needs of VIPKID’s more than 700,000 students. On the one hand, with the growth of age, many students have reached the third grade and above, they have more demand for online learning; on the other hand, with the increasing popularity of online education, VIPKID has been exploring multi-class and multi-subject products, hoping that more children can have a better learning experience and better learning effect.

With the deepening of the reform of the middle school entrance examination and the college entrance examination, the proportion of students’ English listening and speaking is getting higher and higher. In Beijing, for example, the 2021 has added a spoken English test and a spoken English plus listening test, for a total of 50 points. It’s harder to improve listening and speaking skills than it is to take a written test for Chinese students.

The traditional large-class English teaching mode generally emphasizes the improvement of reading and writing ability, lacking effective means to improve listening and speaking ability. Although a few institutions have also introduced large classes with foreign teachers, but the actual effect is not ideal.

In view of the current situation of Chinese student’s poor English listening and oral speaking skills, Dami Wangxiao first introduced the teaching mode of "large class". While ensuring the improvement of children’s reading and writing ability, it will take advantage of VIPKID’s vast foreign teachers to provide one-to-six small class teaching to children every week, strengthen the training of children’s listening and speaking, and realize the improvement of children’s ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

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