Chinese Color Contact Lens Startup 4iNLOOK Secures New Round

Chinese color contact Lens brand 4iNLOOK recently announced that it has completed two rounds of financing in the past year. The cumulative amount was nearly RMB200 million yuan from investors including Tiger Cub Funds and Highlight Capital.

4iNLOOK was founded in 2008 and now has more than 300 specialty color contact lens stores nationwide, mainly in shopping centers in first-and second-tier cities. It offers more than 200 color contact lens options with different designs for women aged 18-30. Meanwhile, 4iNLOOK is also opening up online channels, with its Tmall store and national chain stores offering a new retail shopping experience that allows consumers to place orders online, take orders offline, make appointments online, and experience the products offline.

With the increasing pressure of work and study, more and more people in China suffer from Myopia. Contact lenses are welcomed for their lightness, convenience, beauty and comfort. The appearance of color contact lenses provides additional fashion function to young consumers. It causes the wearer’s eye to obtain the bright enhancement or changes the pupil color.

Young consumers consider this product more as cosmetics. This market for the past five consecutive years has shown a compound growth rate of more than 35%. While the market is growing rapidly, it is also creating opportunities for a range of new brands.

This round of financing will be mainly used for brand building and supply chain investment, at the same time introducing more advanced talents, carrying out product technology innovation, building a more professional product service system, and further improving the management and operation team.

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