Go-Yunnan launches on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

    KUNMING, China, July 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 20, 2020, Go-Yunnan formally established a presence on the world's three key social networks, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, finalizing the integration of a number of services and features and providing a venue where anyone interested in visiting or touring Yunnan can gain a better perspective on what the province in southwestern China has to offer. The platform also provides real-time updates and sharing of information on cultural exchanges as well as other activities and events taking place across the province.

    The Go-Yunnan platform is designed to provide localized tourism services to travelers from abroad before, during and following their visit. 

    The Go-Yunnan platform features both a downloadable app as well as a website. The app is segmented into modules for Destination, Guide, Explore, Me, Lives, Translator and More. In the Destination module, the interested visitor can find information on 411 places of interest in 16 prefectures and cities across the province, The Lives modules comes loaded with live streaming of 1,400 Yunnan's most captivating locales. Together with Itineraries, Essentials, Transport and Weather, those characteristic functions are aiming at assisting the prospective travelers in pre-trip planning. In addition to the Translator, Exchange and other practical features, the Guide module provides route recommendations alongside spoken guided tours for some of the more popular attractions. All in all, the app is expected to make the prospective visit all the more rewarding for overseas visitors. Most appealing for all travelers from abroad, the app comes with a one-click Complaint button that can be accessed during the course of the journey or stay within the province in the event of finding oneself lost or in a confusing situation or needing to file a complaint due to bad service. The Go-Yunnan website, an extension to the app, acts as an international information platform for anyone planning a visit to the province.


    As one of the most practical features, the Exchange function provides immediate exchange rate conversion between the yuan and 14 commonly used currencies, making it easy for travelers to understand what everything costs. The Essentials module lists practical information including the contact and location information of the nearest consulates, as well as current and updated information on visas, time zones, climate, money, water, electrical current adaptors and safety, assuring stress-free preparation for a smooth and enjoyable journey for anyone planning to spend time in Yunnan.

    In the latest version update, the Transport function added train and bus time query feature with more than 100 train and 1000 bus lines within Yunnan Province. The Festivals and Activities section gives you a glimpse of Yunnan's colorful ethnic culture through 18 activities of 20 related ethnic groups.

    Follow the Go-Yunnan social platform Twitter, YouTube, Facebook to learn more about and gain access to real time travel information on Yunnan province.

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