Opening of Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference 2020: Exploring the Services and Missions of Technology

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    GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- With the support of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government, Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference 2020 - The Global Mobile Developers Conference and AI Summit Forum, hosted by IDG Asia and co-organized by Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, was again in Guangzhou from Oct. 13 to 14, 2020.

    The theme of this Conference is "Intelligence Everywhere · Imagine Endless", showing people's higher reliance and expectations for science and technology. Because technology brings an unprecedented sense of security and sense of gain during the pandemic period, people are all the more convinced that technology may create better well-being and a better life in the future.

    Therefore, this Conference is a brainstorming of ideas to explore the services and missions of science and technology. Over 200 guests from governments, international organizations, enterprises, technology communities and non-governmental organizations will engage in exchanges across fields about the topics such as 5G, industrial Internet, AI, rail transit, hard and core technology, star network, public health, venture capital, new consumption, and industrial design. The ultimate goal of the exchange is to seek opportunities for the common development and win-win cooperation, and facilitate international cooperation across fields and disciplines.

    It is foreseeable that the Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference will promote the realization of scenario-based applications of technology and bring world-class projects and professionals to Guangzhou and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

    Seek the practical path of "technology for social good"

    As an upgraded version of the Android World Global Developers Conference, Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference aims to become a window for matchmaking and networking for the technology industries, showcasing world-leading technologies, scientific research ideas and development models, and analyzing the development trend of future IT and smart terminal industry chain. As the pandemic continues to rage, it is of greater significance to hold the Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference at this time.

    The global economic system is hit by the pandemic. The economic situation at home and abroad shows that technology is the most important, irreplaceable element in resisting the impact.

    Cloud computing screening drugs, robots undertaking hospital delivery tasks, measuring temperature from a long distance, and health code for unrestricted travel. The application of these new technologies helps China get over the public health crisis.

    For the first time, key international conferences such as the 73rd World Health Assembly and the Extraordinary G20 Leaders' Summit were held in the form of videoconferencing. People are also trying to use new models and new business types such as remote electronic signing, online collaborative office, remote medical diagnosis, and online thesis defense. This also indicates that the new value network and new service system based on digital infrastructure and the physical world stabilize the economic fundamentals, and also guarantee the restoration of economic and social order.

    It can be seen that mankind may rely on digital technologies such as AI to explore a new vista of production and life in the future. Such changes in history originate from the tremendous driving force brought by the three industrial revolutions.

    Is the fourth industrial revolution led by AI? Is it led by AI + big data, AI + Internet of things, AI + blockchain, etc.? "How to harness digital technology to establish a governance mechanism and an industrial model that can better safeguard health and improve efficiency? These require solutions from the science and technology community.

    To this end, this year's Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference invites the world's most innovative professionals in the fields of technology, media, finance, etc., to envision the future and challenges of digital technology. This year's Conference consists of the main forum, 15 theme forums, a closed-door think tank meeting, Canton Tower the Best awards dinner and exhibition area.

    At the Global Technology Conference · Greater Bay Area Summit, experts and scholars, and representatives of leading companies from all over the world, including Hugo Shong, Co-chairman of IDG Capital; Fan Gang, Professor of economics at Peking University HSBC Business School; Du Ruxu, Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering; Xu Yingtong, President of Huawei Ascend Computing Business; Xu Xun, CEO of BGI Group; Han Xu, Founder of WeRide; Lin Jing, CEO of DMAI; Yu Zhi, Professor of the School of Intelligent Systems Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University; Xue Quan, Dean of the School of Electronic and Information Engineering, South China University of Technology; and Zhang Guangnan, from the Institute of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Development Studies of Sun Yat-sen University, offer insights into the digital needs and opportunities in social governance and industrial development and share the methodologies to master the core technologies and resource allocation capabilities in the data field from the perspectives of the revolution of the traditional manufacturing sector, R&D of 5G chips, and AI scenario-based applications. Orient Zhu, President of IDG Asia, said in his opening speech: This year is the fifth year that the Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference is held in Guangzhou. The Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference has witnessed rapid global technological developments over the past 5 years, covering mobile Internet, big data, AI, industrial Internet, satellite Internet, and quantum computing. Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference every year mirrors the developments of science and technology at that time. Every development stage and each new technology are demonstrated here. It can be said that Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference has become an important platform for showcasing new technologies, new products and new ideas that are at the forefront of the times.

    At the summit forum under the theme of "Science and Technology for Mankind", Xu Xun, CEO of BGI Group; Ding Baoyu, Managing Partner of Cowin Capital; Luo Fei, Founding Partner of Green Pine Capital; Si Tingyou, President of ANRICH CAPITAL ASIA, and other industry leaders and representatives of the capital sector held in-depth exchange of views. At this forum, the backbone forces in different fields including industry and finance reach a consensus, responsible research and innovation are advocated in the whole society, and participants call for the reasonable balance and balance of conflicts of value in scientific and technological activities, such as benefits and risks, safety and efficiency, and rights and obligations. 

    At the 15 parallel forums, the Conference sets up the theme forums regarding the development trend of digital technology, including "2020 High-level Forum on Industrial Software Localization", "Development and Thoughts on Rail Transit in the Smart Bay Area", "Satellite Internet Connecting Everything", "Global XR Industry Trend Development Summit", "Industrial Internet Session", "Hard and Core Technology Science and Technology Innovation Conference", "2020 Enterprise Service Insight Session", and "Digital Creation Session". It also sets up the theme forums on social topics such as smart mobility, public health, new culture and entertainment, and new consumption, including "Technology x New Way of Life", "Cross-Industry Empowerment of Culture and Entertainment Through Technology", "2020 International Investment Summit", "Future of Live Commerce", and "Better Technology, Better Home Life".

    All these reflect the important characteristics of this Conference: focus on the exploration and application of cutting-edge technology, and also pay attention to guiding scientific and technological forces to protect public interests.

    Resonance between a conference and a city

    This year is the fifth year that Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference is held in Guangzhou. As the first global Internet technology event named after "Canton Tower (Slim Waist)", the Conference has seen mutual development with Guangzhou over the past five years.

    Whether a science and technology event is successful or not depends on whether it can bring together global science and technology elites to interpret technological development trends. This tests the organizer's organizational capability, and also depends on the innovation climate and the scientific and technological elements in the host city.

    The data proves that Guangzhou has the capability to host a high-tech event. The Top 100 Innovation Clusters of the Global Innovation Index 2020 combine Guangzhou with Shenzhen and Hong Kong for the first time to form the "Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Guangzhou Innovation Cluster", which ranks 2nd in the world (Guangzhou ranked 63rd in 2017, 32nd in 2018, and 21st in 2019).

    According to the "Nature Index - Science Cities" rankings published by Nature, the global ranking of Guangzhou soared from the 25th in 2018 to 15th in 2020. According to the report City of Opportunity 2020, Guangzhou ranks 3rd, compared to the fourth place last year. In the ranking of "Intellectual Capital and Innovation", Guangzhou rose from the fourth last year to be tied at the first place with Beijing. These authoritative and influential domestic and global indicators prove that Guangzhou has become an important region for enhancing the innovation capabilities of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and participating in international competition.

    Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference also contributes to the innovation and entrepreneurship in Guangzhou. Since 2016, the Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference began to invite industry leaders at home and abroad to form a think tank of senior advisers in science and technology for Guangzhou Municipal Government, and hold the "closed-door think tank meeting" on the first day of the Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference every year. The advisers pool their wisdom to provide important reference opinions for the development of the science and technology industry in Guangzhou in the next 5-10 years based on their respective fields.

    The think tank offers a direct channel of communication between entrepreneurs and the Guangzhou government, conveying the Guangzhou government's support policies for the technology industry to all sectors of society clearly, so that more entrepreneurs, investors and start-ups pay attention to Guangzhou's scientific and technological innovation environment, and settle in Guangzhou. Under the new dual-circulation development pattern, the think tank serves as the matchmaking platform for the industrial chain of key industries, brings into play the leading role of leading enterprises, and helps companies solve the missing points, bottlenecks and pain points in the industrial chains.

    This closed-door think tank meeting focuses on the "collaborative application of interdisciplinary research and public affairs", and promotes the expansion of scientific research cooperation in all walks of life, fosters the interdisciplinary and cross-industry cooperation between the fields of public affairs including medicine and disease control and the AI and digital economy. It links the "last mile" in the connectivity, co-construction and co-sharing, and leverages digital technology to facilitate transparency and cooperation in the public affairs system.

    The Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference over the past five years transforms the Slim Waist into the brand image of Guangzhou as a city of opportunities for science and technology innovation. Gratifyingly, the Pazhou Internet Innovation Cluster adjacent to the Slim Waist becomes Guangzhou's pilot zone for AI and digital economy covering an area of ca. 81 square kilometers. On September 4, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued an announcement to support Guangzhou's construction of a national new-generation AI innovation and development pilot zone. The pilot zone will give full play to the advantages of science and education resources and industrial clusters to enhance the level of AI innovation, improve the policy and regulations, and build a high-level AI open innovation ecosystem. It is reported that Guangzhou Incubator of IDG Asia will also hold an inauguration ceremony on the second day of the Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference. "Guangzhou has unique location advantages as the core city of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Innovative resources are gathering in Guangzhou to promote its position in the global innovation and entrepreneurship community. Guangzhou Incubator of IDG Asia will be committed to building a sound international innovation and entrepreneurship ecological base with Guangzhou as the center," said Miss Yolanda, General Manager of IDG Asia South China Region.

    The digital economy in Guangzhou is here to stay and has a promising future. The Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference will continue to make use of its advantages to build a world-class networking platform for the science and technology sector. In cooperation with the national policy of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, it will promote the gathering of high-tech talents in Guangzhou and assist the structural transformation of Guangzhou's economy, conform to economic laws and the industry trend, contribute to the climate of entrepreneurship and innovation in Guangzhou, and promote Guangzhou to become a national innovation center city with a global presence and a city led by digital economy and innovation.


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