Baidu Apollo Unveils Smart Connected Car Ambitions

Baidu Apollo Smart Cars gave an annual report on its performance. A total of 70 car companies have cooperated with Baidu Apollo, and 15 million car owners have used its products with 15.6 billion cumulative kilometers driven.

Baidu Apollo said that by 2023, it will make 100 million cars intelligent via its platform.

The average daily usage time of Baidu Apollo’s intelligent car product Xiaodu Car is 120 minutes, the average daily interaction is 40 times, and the free listening time is 57 minutes.

In terms of navigation, Xiaodu Vehicle provides navigation services for 10+ million users every day, and provides navigation services for 57 minutes on average to car owners every day, and accompanies users to drive more than 1 billion kilometers.

In terms of AR navigation, for vehicles with AR navigation functions, the time that owners use AR navigation accounts for 56% of the total navigation time.

Moreover, Baidu Apollo Smart Car Alliance has cooperated with more than 70 auto companies, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ford, GM, Cadillac, Lexus, Geely, Great Wall, Chery, Hyundai, and KIA.

More than 600 models have been launched in cooperation with these car companies. At the same time, the number of leading partners, such as audio content platform Himalaya, QQ Music, and Dragonfly FM, has reached 300, giving users a large amount of choices in audio content.

Baidu Apollo also introduced Carlife+ and Duxiaojing in addition to the above-mentioned solutions.

Carlife+ is a mobile phone and car-machine interconnection solution. Simply put, it is a "porter" of mobile phone functions; and Duxiaojing is the industry’s first real pre-installed smart hardware product.

They can meet the needs of car owners for "voice control", "precision navigation", and "entertainment".

At this year’s Baidu Apollo Ecological Conference, Baidu Apollo Smart Internet of Vehicles also released two new upgraded products: Xiaodu Assistant and Baidu Map Car Edition 2021.

And they are an important part of Xiaodu Car 2021. The first is Xiaodu Assistant, a virtual intelligent assistant designed for cars, with four highlights: new interaction, new intelligence, new use case and new ecology.

Users only need to upload a photo of themselves with their mobile phones, and then they can automatically generate a virtual user-specific image and project it on the car screen.

And Xiaodu Assistant has built a new feed streaming interaction framework, full dual multi-mode fusion interaction, Smlta off-line voice model and other new interaction methods.

In addition, it also relies on 3000+ full-language interactive programs to create a new in-car intelligent behavior.

This makes the interaction between people and cars not just stay at the voice level. From speech, to vision, to gestures and emotions, it has become the new way of interaction between people and cars.

Xiaodu Assistant can help OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) transform into selling software and services, and develop new engines for revenue growth.

The car version of Baidu Maps is also the industry’s strongest track-level AR navigation, which can achieve deep integration of maps and feels.

In addition, this time Apollo Smart Car Cloud has also ushered in a new upgrade, centering on the three core value chains of OEMs, "Building Good Cars", "Selling Good Cars" and "Using Good Cars".

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