China Tech Digest: Porsche Sells 1/3 Cars In China; FANUC To Build New Industrial Robot Factory In Shanghai

ZTE says it has increased its stock of chips in advance

ZTE said that the current global semiconductor industry’s capacity supply is tight, and its partners in the industry chain are affected. In the early stage of market tension, ZTE has increased its forecast and preparation of materials in advance. At the same time, it has improved efficiency through its own use and turnover, to meet the needs of global customers and minimize the impact as much as possible. will invest a total of US$800 million in Dada’s newly issued common stock

It was learned that Dada Group announced that has agreed to invest a total of US$800 million in Dada’s new issued common shares. After the transaction is completed, will hold approximately 51% of Dada’s shares.

Didi will expand in new markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa

Recently, Didi made adjustments to its international business unit. In terms of international travel, Didi will set out to explore new markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and others. The head of Western Europe is Wang Simeng, and the head of the Middle East and Africa is Marin. Currently, Didi has no clear plans to enter the United States and Southeast Asia.

China has become Porsche’s largest single market for six consecutive years with sales accounting for one-third of the world’s sales in 2020

Porsche, a luxury car brand under the Volkswagen Group, recently disclosed its 2020 financial report. In 2020, Porsche delivered more than 272,000 new cars to customers around the world, a drop of 3% compared with 2019. Operating income in the 2020 fiscal year was 28.7 billion euros, an increase of more than 100 million euros compared to the previous fiscal year.

Among them, the sales profit was 4.2 billion euros, and the sales return rate was 14.6%. It is worth noting that China once again became the world’s largest single market for Porsche, with sales increasing by 3% year-on-year.

Ministry of Commerce: China has completed the RCEP approval and ratified the agreement

The head of the International Department of the Ministry of Commerce stated today that at present, China has completed the approval of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement, which is the RCEP Agreement, and has ratified the agreement.

In addition, Thailand has also ratified the agreement. All member states of RCEP have stated that they will ratify the agreement before the end of this year and push the agreement to take effect on January 1 next year.

RCEP is a super large free trade zone leading the world in various indicators. The 15 member states have a total population of 2.27 billion, a GDP of 26 trillion US dollars, and a total export value of 5.2 trillion US dollars, each accounting for about 30% of the global total.

FANUC, a large Japanese industrial robot manufacturer, adds robot factory in China

FANUC, a large Japanese industrial robot manufacturer, will invest 26 billion yen (about 1.55 billion yuan) to build an industrial robot factory in Shanghai.

China’s economy has recovered from the pandemic. In order to achieve the goal of a "manufacturing power", production automation is being promoted in various fields such as electronic products. Promoting the localization of industrial robots is also one of them. In this context, FANUC hopes to seize the demand through large-scale investment and maintain its position as the largest player in in China.

Chairman of BMW: China is currently the market most interested in digitalization and interconnection technology

On March 21, BMW Group Chairman Ziptzer stated at the 2021 China Development Forum that China is the world’s leading innovative pioneer market, especially in terms of digitalization.

Digital trade has grown rapidly and has become an important foundation for the new pattern of economic development.

In recent years, the "digital economy" has flourished in China and has become one of the driving forces of China’s economic growth. Ziptzer said that China is currently the market most interested in digitalization and interconnection technology.

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