China Tech Digest: Beijing AI Industry Alliance Established; Huawei Opens Cybersecurity And Transparency Center

Beijing AI Industry Alliance was established, Baidu CTO Wang Haifeng as chairman of the alliance

Today, Beijing Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance, led by Baidu Inc., was formally established, and 36 enterprises and institutions joined the alliance. By the resolution of the first session of the Alliance Council, Baidu was appointed as the chairman unit, Baidu CTO Wang Haifeng was appointed as the chairman of the alliance, and Chen Shangyi, chairman of Baidu Technical Committee, was appointed as the secretary-general of the alliance. Didi Chuxing, Huawei,, Kuaishou, Megvii, Volcano Engine, Beijing Big Data Center, Meituan, Xiaomi, Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence, BOE, Unicom Digital Tech, 360 Visions, China Telecom Beijing Branch, China Mobile Beijing Branch, Cambrian, a total of 19 units, serve as vice-chairmen units.

Huawei opens its world’s largest cybersecurity and transparency center

Huawei’s largest cybersecurity and transparency center was officially opened today in Dongguan, China. Regulators from GSMA, UAE, Indonesia, British Standards Institution, SUSE and other institutions attended and spoke at the event. Taking this opportunity, Huawei released the white paper "Huawei Product Security Baseline", which announced the product security requirements baseline framework and management practices to the industry for the first time, and communicated with stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, and industry standards organizations to jointly improve the industry’s overall cyber security level.

Chongqing: 60 roads open for autonomous driving test

Chongqing Economy and Information Commission, Chongqing Public Security Bureau, and Chongqing Urban Management Bureau recently jointly issued a notice designating 60 roads in Yongchuan District and Chongqing High-tech Zone, totaling 116.76 kilometers, to open for autonomous driving tests. This move aims to further enrich the “road test” scenario of autonomous driving, help Chongqing accelerate the creation of a domestic autonomous driving road test highland, and boost the development of the intelligent networked automobile industry.

China has become the world’s fastest growing integrated circuit market

World Semiconductor Conference 2021 opens today. The person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology revealed at the conference that China has become the world’s fastest growing integrated circuit market. In 2020, the scale of China’s integrated circuit industry reached RMB884.8 billion, with an average annual growth rate of nearly 20% during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, four times the global growth rate over the same period. At the same time, China’s integrated circuit industry has made significant breakthroughs in technological innovation and marketization, with great improvements in design tools, manufacturing processes, packaging technologies, core equipment, and key materials.

IDC: China’s video conference market will exceed RMB10 billion in 2024

China’s video conference market reached approximately RMB6.52 billion in 2020 with an year-on-year increase of 18.9%, according to the latest report on China’s video conference market in 2020 by global market consultancy IDC. Among them, the hardware video conference market increased by 15.3% year-on-year to approximately RMB4.74 billion; the cloud conference market increased by 29.4% year-on-year to approximately RMB1.80 billion. In addition, IDC predicts that China’s video conference market will exceed RMB10 billion in 2024, and the cloud conference market will account for nearly 40%.

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