China Tech Digest: Apple And Intel May Be Early Adopters Of TSMC’s 3nm Chip; Huawei Is Hunting For Lots Of IC Talents

Apple and Intel may be early adopters of TSMC’s next-generation 3nm chip

Apple and Intel may take the lead in adopting TSMC’s next-generation 3nm chip technology, according to people familiar with the matter.

Huawei is hunting lots of IC talents worldwide

Huawei is hunting for top talents, seeking to hire chip engineers in Munich, software developers in Istanbul, and artificial intelligence researchers in Canada. In addition, hundreds of doctoral students in mainland China and overseas have worked for the company. Judging from the vacancies that Huawei has opened on various talent recruitment platforms, it is completely aimed at fields such as AI algorithms, autonomous driving, software, and computing infrastructure.

Mogulinker signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Steel Enterprise Housekeeper

Chinese industrial IoT technology firm Mogulinker signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Steel Enterprise Housekeeper Technology to jointly build a "digital operation and maintenance platform" for the steel industry. According to the official introduction, Steel Enterprise Housekeeper Technology was established by South Lubrication and other companies and has accumulated more than 1,000 upstream and downstream customers. It has an annual transaction volume of over RMB1 billion, operates and maintains nearly 50 million tons of production lines in many steel companies. Mogulinker provides AIoT SaaS services, and currently has served more than 5,000 industrial enterprise customers.

ACIM chip company AistarTek completed a RMB100 million angel round of financing

Chinese analog compute-in-memory(ACIM) chip company AistarTek announced that it has completed an angel round of financing of nearly RMB100 million. The round is led by SIG with participation from Jiangmen Ventures. Hangzhou-based AistarTek is mainly committed to the design of edge computing chips with large computing power and low power consumption. Its products have been applied in areas such as mobile phones, autonomous driving, security, drones, robots, AR/VR, etc.

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