China Tech Digest: Xiaomi’s Smart Factory Phase 2 Starts Construction; Guangzhou Autonomous Vehicle Mixed Traffic Pilot Launched

Xiaomi’s Smart Factory Phase 2 starts construction

Xiaomi’s Smart Factory officially started construction in Changping today. The factory will deploy Xiaomi’s second-generation mobile phone smart production line, and build a world-class smart factory that meets the "Lighthouse Factory" standard. The annual production capacity will not be less than 10 million smart phones, with an estimated output value of about RMB60 billion.

Guangzhou Autonomous Vehicle Mixed Traffic Pilot officially launched

Today, Guangzhou officially launched a pilot program for autonomous vehicles in mixed traffic, taking a key step in the large-scale application of autonomous driving. The Guangzhou Municipal Government issued the "Opinions on Gradually Sub-regional Pilot Tests of Intelligent Connected Vehicles (Automatic Driving) Application Demonstration Policies in Different Mixed Traffic Environments" and "Work Plan for Developing Intelligent Connected Vehicles (Automatic Driving) Applications in Different Mixed Traffic Environments" two policy documents to guide the pilot program of autonomous driving.

The growth rate of China’s blockchain industry reached 33.7% in 2020, surpassing global level

CCID Consulting’s Digital Economy Industry Research Center released the "2020-2021 Annual Report on the Development of China’s Blockchain Industry". The report shows that the growth rate of the global blockchain industry has slowed down significantly in 2020, with the overall size of the industry reaching US$2.81 billion; the scale of China’s blockchain industry reached RMB2.78 billion, a growth rate of 33.7%, exceeding the growth of the global blockchain industry, becoming one of the countries with the greatest potential for the development of blockchain industry. In terms of enterprises, Tencent, Ant Group, and Inspur rank the top three in the list of China’s top blockchain companies.

Global semiconductor equipment sales are expected to exceed US$100 billion in 2022

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) estimates that the total sales of global semiconductor manufacturing equipment are expected to reach US$95.3 billion this year, which will set a record high. In 2022, it has the opportunity to further break through US$100 billion and hit a new high.

Ministry of Ecology and Environment: Chinese carbon market will be launched in the near future

Zhao Yingmin, vice minister of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, stated that according to the decision of the State Council executive meeting on July 7, Chinese carbon trading market will be launched in July this year.

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