N.1 Chinese luxury beauty brand YUESAI announces the first ever global brand ambassador Zilin ZHANG

    SHANGHAI, July 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- With the brand's 30th anniversary approaching, N.1 Chinese luxury beauty brand YUESAI announces the first ever global brand ambassador Zilin ZHANG, to represent the modern C-beauty towards the world.

    "I'm very pleased to be the first global ambassador of YUESAI. For me, beauty means a kind of status, every Chinese woman has her own unique charm, just like YUESAI and its founder Madame Yue Sai, with toughness inside and tenderness outside, containing internal and external beauty both. As a typical Chinese girl growing up to become Miss World, what I aspire, is to see the world while not forgetting the originality. Together with YUESAI, I hope to let the world see the beauty of China. I hope that together with YUESAI, we can present the beauty of China to the globe more."

    Zilin ZHANG, Global Ambassador of YUESAI

    "We are very grateful to have Zilin to represent our brand YUESAI. Beyond her beauty, it is her grace that embodies the wholesomeness of Chinese women. Having known her over the years, she continues to empower herself in different roles of life to give her best, to care for others, to evolve herself through ups and downs. It is her self-empowering spirit, her beauty and grace that makes Zilin a perfect match with YUESAI in representing C-beauty and its innate power."

    Gail LEE, General Manager of YUESAI

    N.1 Chinese luxury beauty brand YUESAI announces the first ever global brand ambassador Zilin ZHANG
    N.1 Chinese luxury beauty brand YUESAI announces the first ever global brand ambassador Zilin ZHANG

    Founded in 1992 by Madame Yue Sai, a pioneering media maven who hosted TV docu-series "Looking east" and brought globe's attention to Chinese beauty, Yue Sai introduced modern cosmetics for the first time to Chinese women. Since its creation, the brand remains determined to create luxurious, quality and essential beauty products for Chinese women with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) augmented by modern science for Chinese women.

    Well-known for being the one who knows the skin and hue of Chinese women best, YUESAI also focuses on woman power and propels the future of Chinese beauty, empowering Chinese women at different milestones of womanhood. Furthermore, sustainable development has always been the core and value of YUESAI brand.

    As a beauty brand rooted in Asia, YUESAI links with the local trends spontaneously. In Asia, the spotlight has been in beauty industry innovations for years. Taking TCM and augment with modern science & technology, YUESAI Beauty integrates advanced bio-actives to work quickly and effectively on both regulation & repair of the skin. Actives are extracted from its natural source and augment with green chemistry extraction to preserve its purity with sustainability. They are encapsulated with cutting-edge formulation to allow deeper penetration into skin layers. By now YUESAI has launched iconic products, including Red Ganoderma Toner Essence, Gold Cordyceps Repairing Serum, Ginseng Eye Cream & its makeup range of skin-caring foundation & lipstick,which have been popular in the new generation.

    In line with the announcement, YUESAI believes that Zilin ZHANG is the right fit, show in the outside, wisdom in the heart, and beauty both inside and outside. She is represent the China pride, for her shared values with YUESAI projecting power, sustainability and pioneer, YUESAI looks forward to expanding this partnership to create luxurious, quality & effective beauty products for Chinese women so they have the ability to look beautiful, to give them confidence and pride to venture on their life milestones of womanhood.

    China Expert network
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