China Tech Digest: Ubtech Robotics Launches Quarantine Hotel Anti-Epidemic Solution; Beijing To Advance Deployment of 6G Network

Ubtech Robotics launches quarantine hotel anti-epidemic solution

Chinese humanoid robot maker Ubtech Robotics recently launched a scientific and technological anti-epidemic solution for quarantine hotels. According to Xiong Youjun, CTO of Ubtech, the solution uses intelligent robots such as temperature measurement, ultraviolet and spray disinfection, delivery and logistics, and integrates large-screen display and control systems, mobile terminals, and operation management platforms to provide comprehensive anti-epidemic functions. At present, the solution has been applied to the quarantine hotel in Shenzhen.

Dada Express releases instant delivery SaaS system "Dada Smart Matching"

Dada Express released the instant delivery SaaS system "Dada Smart Matching". The system provides an integrated real-time delivery system solution for distribution service providers and merchants with self-distribution capacity, covering three major capability modules: omni-channel order access, order delivery management and capacity management.

Solid-state lidar company Tanway completes RMB100 million series A round

Chinese solid-state lidar technology company Tanway has completed a RMB100 million series A round of financing. This round was co-led by Joint Capital and Jiayi Fund, with SDP Investment and Hongsheng Investment participated. Proceeds are mainly used to build a car-level lidar production base and test calibration center, as well as the construction of a new product line R&D team.

Beijing will advance the deployment of 6G future network

Beijing will build a benchmark city for the global digital economy. On the one hand, lay out the leading digital technologies, centering on the data chain of "sensing-transmitting-computing-using", and arranging digital technologies such as 6G future network, quantum technology, algorithm innovation and blockchain in advance to seize the commanding heights of digital technology; on the other hand, explore the formation of a leading digital governance rule system, create new features, and systematically plan for system and rule innovation.

MIIT: Strengthen IoV network security and data security

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology requires all relevant companies to adopt management and technical measures to strengthen the security protection of automobiles, networks, platforms and data in accordance with the requirements of the Internet of Vehicles network security and data security standards, to monitor, prevent and promptly deal with cyber security risks and threats to ensure data in a state of effective protection and legal utilization.

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