China Tech Digest: Tencent Cloud TI Upgraded To AI Platforms; China Initially Forms VR Industry Chain Ecosystem

Tencent Cloud TI upgraded to AI platforms

Tencent Cloud TI platform has achieved a new upgrade. The upgraded Tencent Cloud TI platform includes the machine learning platform TI-ONE, the AI ​​application service platform TI-Matrix, and the data labeling platform TI-DataTruth. According to reports, the machine learning platform TI-ONE can provide process support such as data preprocessing; the AI ​​application service platform TI-Matrix provides model services and other functions; the data labeling platform TI-DataTruth provides intelligent data production services such as multi-scenario data intelligent labeling.

RealAI raises RMB100 million from China Internet Investment Fund

RealAI has raised nearly RMB100 million from China Internet Investment Fund. In the next step, RealAI will continue to improve the research and development of platforms such as privacy computing, algorithm attack and defense, and deep counterfeit detection, accelerate market expansion, and strengthen team building. RealAI is a Chinese scientific and technological achievement transformation enterprise initiated and established by the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Tsinghua University, dedicated to providing safe and controllable AI infrastructure platforms and solutions.

Production and sales of industrial robots continue to maintain a high growth rate in 2021

Galaxy Securities pointed out that investment in the manufacturing industry has recovered in the short term, and the demand for machine after the epidemic has become prominent. The production and sales of industrial robots will continue to maintain a relatively high growth rate in 2021. Companies with core technologies and continuous expansion of downstream market applications are expected to stand out.

China has initially formed a VR industry chain ecosystem

The global VR industry has entered a new round of investment and financing, and the shipment of related equipment has maintained a rapid growth trend this year. At present, China has initially formed a VR full-industry chain ecosystem. In the next step, from ministries to local governments, China will accelerate the cultivation of advantageous VR industrial clusters. MIIT will prepare the "Action Plan for the Development of Integration of Virtual Reality and Industrial Applications" to tap the potential for innovative applications in key areas such as industrial manufacturing, entertainment and education, and cultivate distinctive industrial clusters. Local governments are also preparing an upgraded version of the policy to accelerate the gathering of policy, financial and talent support to the VR industry.

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