China Tech Digest: Huawei Launches Smart Car Solution Innovation Center; Chery And COSMOPlat Co-build Industrial Internet Platform

Huawei launches Smart Car Solution Innovation Center

Huawei Smart Car Solution Innovation Center has been inaugurated in Suzhou, and will be mainly open to car makers and partners for joint development, testing, verification and display. Huawei will provide partners with technical training and laboratory environments to promote joint innovation of smart cars.

GAC Group, WeRide and Ontime will cooperate to launch robotaxi service

GAC Group has reached strategic cooperation with autonomous driving technology firm WeRide and Ontime, a mobile transportation platform headquartered in Guangzhou. At the same time, GAC Group has strategically invested in WeRide and WeRide has invested in Ontime. The three will have in-depth cooperation to jointly promote the design, R&D, mass production and commercial operation of robotaxi models. They plan to launch robotaxi business next year to provide users with autonomous driving services.

Chery and COSMOPlat co-build industrial Internet platform

Chery and COSMOPlat have joined hands to build Haixing Cloud Platform, the first mass customization industrial Internet platform in the automotive industry. Relying on the mass customization model, COSMOPlat helps Chery realize the full life cycle of user-centric products and services, so that the company’s technology development, product design, business model and others will be developed around creating value for users. Consumers can customize and place an order for the car they want through the APP. The customization content includes the appearance and color of the car, interior configuration, vehicle dynamics configuration, etc.; in terms of production, user needs are reached through networked design transformation, planning system, and material procurement to the production system. Robots on the intelligent production line will complete the operation process according to the production instructions, and finally deliver the cars to the consumers through fast and transparent logistics.

Autonomous driving startup Haomo AI raises RMB1 billion in series A round

Chinese autonomous driving company Haomo AI has raised nearly RMB1 billion in series A round financing, with a post-money valuation of over US$1 billion. Meituan, GL Ventures, Shoucheng Holdings participated in the round. Funds raised are mainly used for autonomous driving R&D and talent system construction.

IC Insights: 17 semiconductor manufacturers worldwide have revenues exceeding US$10 billion in 2021

IC Insights’ latest forecast shows that it is estimated that the revenue of 17 semiconductor manufacturers worldwide will exceed US$10 billion in 2021. Among them, Samsung has surpassed Intel to rank as the most profitable semiconductor manufacturer, and TSMC has ranked third as a pure-play foundry. There are 9 manufacturers headquartered in the United States, 3 in Europe, 2 each in China and South Korea, and 1 in Japan.

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